Kanji: アモン
Romaji: Amon
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Human (formerly)
Affiliations: Barossa Leone (formerly)
Anime Debut: Episode 4
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Amon (アモン, Amon) is a the captain of the ship "Celephales" and an old acquaintance of Favaro and his father's, Barossa.


Amon is a middle-aged man with black hair and a long bears. He has a big scar on his seemingly blind right eye.


Amon initially presented himself as a friendly and generous man. He spoke of his history with Barossa and Favaro fondly. Once he realized that Amira was a demon, Amon decided to reveal his own true identity and his betrayal of Barossa. He admitted to disliking the noble nature of his friend and felt suffocated by it, and was more than happy to sell his friend out in exchange for personal power. He was eager to do the same to Barossa's son and hoped to collect the bounty of Favaro's head, before deciding Amira's was more worth it and was willing to let Favaro die.


Before being the captain of the "Celephales", Amon was a bandit and friend of Barossa. After assaulting a carriage and stealing jewels of the king, Barossa and his man were all killed by a demon, leaving Amon the sole survivor. He then became a ship captain and after meeting and recognizing Favaro, he decided to use his ship to take them to Helheim.

When a giant crab, the Shipwrecker, appears and wrecks havoc on the ship, which Amira fends off easily, Amon reveals he betrayed Barossa and the other bandits, selling them to the demon in exchange for becoming a demon himself, causing both of Kaisar and Favaro's fathers' downfalls. He then attacks both Favaro and Amira and plans on getting their bounties but in that moment Kaisar's ship, the "Dagonia", crashes into Amon's, unleashing Rita's zombie pirates on Amon's goons. Favaro and Amon engage in battle only for Amon to be defeated and eaten by the Shipwrecker.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Despite his age, Amon is still quite agile and strong. Due to his past as a bandit he's quite skilled in combat, mainly using a sword along with his magic.

  • Magic: In exchange for betraying Barossa, Azazel granted Amon magic powers that makes him able to control the ropes of his ship and to summon low water monsters like Sahagins. Under his artificial right hand he has a little cannon that he uses to channel and shoot powerful beams of magic.


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