Kanji: バハムート
Romaji: Bahamūto
Status: Alive
Age: 3000+
Anime Debut: Episode 1

Virgin Soul Episode 22

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Bahamut (バハムート, Bahamūto) is an ancient malevolent dragon-like entity of unimaginable power.

History Edit

Genesis Edit

It is unknown where or when Bahamut first appeared. All that is known is that upon his appearance, he started to wreak chaos and destruction of unimaginable proportions. Since there was no known way of killing him, demon king Satan and angel king Zeus gave their lives, turning into Devil's Key and God's Key respectively, and sealing Bahamut inside a powerful barrier. In the end, Favaro becomes the Holy Knight and manages to send Bahamut in another dimension, even if this requires the end of Amira's existence outside of it.

Virgin Soul Edit

In episode 22, Bahamut is revealed to be alive and, after the seal breaks, it starts it's rampage on Mistarcia. This was all expected by King Charioce XVII and his subordinates, that started making the ancient powerful weapon known as Dromos with the intention of slaying it for good.

Appearance Edit

Bahamut appears as a black humanoid dragon of titanic proportions. His head bears a pair of great curved horns, and most of his body is covered in spikes and/or scales. Upon his back, he has a pair of wings, larger than his height, and an even longer barbed tail.

Personality Edit

Bahamut has a very basic personality, simply bent on destroying everything in his wake. He, however does not seem to like to take orders, and will severely 'punish' anybody that tries to control him.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Bahamut is most likely the most powerful creature in the entire existence. Even the combined power of all angels and demons, along with their kings, was not enough to bring harm to him, and they had to resort to drastic means to even seal him

  • Immense Raw Power: Bahamut possesses raw power of unimaginable proportions. According to one of the angels that maintained his barrier, merely the signs of his awakening bore more power than all of angels and demons combined.
  • Invulnerability: Bahamut is utterly immune to any at all weapons, made by either demons, angels, or humans.
  • Energy Blasts: Bahamut is capable of firing blasts of yellow energy from his mouth. He can fire these blasts in rapid succession. These blasts possess enough power to produce explosions dwarfing Bahamut himself, effortlessly decimate a squadron of angels into a mere dust, and completely obliterate more than half of Belzebuth's body.

Weaknesses Edit

Despite his apparent indestructibility, Bahamut possesses a few exploitable weaknesses

  • Sealing: Bahamut can be sealed using tremendous amounts of power. However, should the keys of his seal come in closer-than-safe proximity to his body, this seal will weaken.
  • Fragment of Bahamut: Bahamut's own claw is the only known thing with the ability to hurt the beast. If dealt a lethal wound with it Bahamut will disappear in a massive explosion. however, it merely destroying his physical form temporarily.

Trivia Edit

  • Bahamut is a large whale that supports the earth in Arabian mythology.
  • Bahamut bears some resemblance to the Bahamut summons from the Final Fantasy series.

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