Barossa Leone
Kanji: バロッサ・レオーネ
Romaji: Barossa Reōne
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliations: Amon
Relatives: Favaro Leone (son)

Bunyan Leone (wife)

Anime Debut: Episode 4
Seiyuu: Kanao Tetsuo
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Barossa Leone (バロッサ・レオーネ, Barossa Reōne) was the father of Favaro and an old acquaintance of Amon. While being known as a carpenter, he was in reality a righteous thief who stole from the nobles to aid the poor.




Barossa, along with a group of thieves, stole a tribute to the king that Laurus Lidfard was guarding, resulting in the knight's public execution. The gems that he stole from the tribute summoned a powerful demon who killed him. This event caused bad relations between their sons, Favaro and Kaisar, who had been childhood friends until that point.

It is later revealed that the demon orchestrated the whole incident for his own amusement, and that his friend Amon had betrayed him in exchange for power from the demon.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


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