Kanji: ベルゼビュート
Romaji: Beruzebyūto
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Affiliations: Martinet
Relatives: Amira (daughter)
Anime Debut: Episode 8
Seiyuu: Ootomo Ryuuzaburou
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Belzebuth (ベルゼビュート, Beruzebyūto) is a very powerful demon and the "father" of Amira.


Belzebuth is an extremely tall and muscular individual, with blood red skin, black scales starting at the elbows of his arms and reaching all the way to the tips of his fingers, long, jagged, curved, blacked horns, a patch of white hair on the top of his head sticking upward, two blue stripes on his face, a gigantic, thick, gray scale around his waist, and he always carries a long, thin, black staff with a wide, thick, long, blue tip on the top of it.  


Belzebuth is cruel and ruthless, willing to sacrifice even his own daughter to achieve his own goals.


Belzebuth was the one that, helped by Martinet, kidnapped the angel Nicole and created Amira from his and her essence for his plan to release Bahamut.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Belzebuth is a very powerful demon and a master in black magic, proven by his mastery of the blue flames.

Trivia Edit

  • Belzebuth is name in english Beelzebub, a contemporary name for the devil. Beelzebub is a Hebrew name meaning "the God of Flies".


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