Bunyan Leone
Bunyan Leone
Kanji: ブーニャン・レオーネ
Romaji: Būnyan Reōne
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Relatives: Favaro Leone (son)

Barossa Leone (husband)

Anime Debut: Short story 1
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Bunyan Leone (ブーニャン・レオーネ, Būnyan Reōne) is the wife of Barossa Leone and the mother of Favaro Leone.


Bunyan has the appearance of a young woman but she is in reality more old than she looks. She has the same orange hair and green eyes as her son.


Bunyan doesn't like to be called old and tends to say that she is still young even for her age.


She is first introduced in the first episodes of Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis - Short story. When Favaro and Kaisar are visiting their home village named Dorma, they encounter Bunyan in the graveyard. She then welcomes them in her house and they discuss about the Bahamut resurrection incident and Barossa.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


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