Kanji: ケルベロス
Romaji: Keruberosu
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Anime Debut: Episode 2

Virgin Soul Episode 9

Seiyuu: Kitamura Eri
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Cerberus (ケルベロス, Keruberosu) is the Guard Dog of Hell. She accompanies Azazel on his quest to find out who is behind the theft of the God Key.

In Virgin Soul, Cerberus works in a brothel in the capital along with other attractive demons in order to survive.


Cerberus is a tall woman, with a pair of dog ears on the top of her head, red eyes, and extremely long, red hair tied in ponytails. She wears skimpy clothing such as a red and brown bra, red and brown underwear, red and brown leggins stretching all the way down and covering her feet as well, and orange cloth that hangs behind her. She's almost always seen with her two small sentient puppet dogs on each hand.  


Cerberus has a very cheerful and childish personality. Despite her impatience, she is suprisingly languid, spending most of her time lying on her floating chaise longue. One of the most notable aspects of her personality is her sadism, as she displays great interest in torturing others with various painful methods. When accompanying Azazel and Pazuzu, she shows little camaraderie with the two demons, frequently arguing with them and not hesitating to flee when Azazel's plan fails, intent on reporting his failure to their leader. When Bahamut is revived, she becomes very upset and fearful for her life.


Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis

Along with Pazuzu, Cerberus helps Azazel in his search to find the person responsible for the missing God Key. Every time Amira enters her demon form, Cerberus is able to track her, which eventually leads to Amira's capture. During the Orleans Knights attack on Gregor and Amira's escape, Cerberus tells Azazel that he made a big mistake and that she is going to tell Lucifer on him. She appears briefly in Cocytus to tease Azazel when his brother refuses to speak to him. After Bahamut's revival in Abos, she becomes distressed at the prospect of dying and helps the other demons and angels contain it. However, she only helps because Lucifer ordered her to save Azazel.

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul

She works at a brothel in the capital of Anatae and seems to be familiar with Alessand Visponti. The knight visits her brothel and gets intoxicated before expressing his fear that the Orleans Knights are ruined due to their Captain's arrest. Cerberus tries to cheer him up by convincing him that he is the Knight Captain now, with the help of the other female demons.

After the battle with the gods, Cerberus is standing outside the brothel with a drunk Alessand. After making her repeat that he is the Captain, he says that he'll make her the Captain's wife, to her confusion. She pushes the drunk knight away when he suddenly embraces her and Dias drags him off while tossing some coins to her.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

She is capable of sending her dogs to search for people or to scout areas. They are able to track Amira whenever she enters her demon form.

Trivia Edit

  • Cerberus is the Latin form of Kerberos (Κέρβερος), the three-headed guardian dog of Gates of Hades in Greek mythology.
  • 'Coco' and 'Mimi' are the names of her handpuppets.
  • She appears on the cover of the fifth volume of Shingeki no Bahamut: TWIN HEADS, though she has yet to actually appear in the series.


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