Charioce XIII
Charioce XIII
Kanji: シャリオス13世
Romaji: Shariosu 13-sei
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relatives: Unnamed mother

Charioce XVII (son)

Anime Debut: Episode 6
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Charioce XIII (シャリオス13世, Shariosu 13-sei) was the king of Orleans residing in the capital, Anatae.


Charioce XIII is a large obese man with grey hair.


He is a weak cowardly man who is insecure about his own position as king. This insecurity leads him to become jealous and fearful of the favor that Jeanne d'Arc receives from the gods, fearing that she might try to steal his position and authority. Because of this, he is easily deceived into believing that she is trying to murder him, and his paranoia causes him to order Jeanne's execution.

Charioce XIII likes to receive praises and considers himself worthy of favor above everyone else in Anatae. Notably, Charioce XIII holds his deceased mother in high regards and has a large portrait of her that he speaks to when he feels troubled.


Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisEdit

After Amira is captured by Jeanne d'Arc, Michael stops Charioce XIII from executing Amira, ordering him to take proper care of her instead, and also forbidding him from executing Rita, Favaro, and Kaisar.

When demons attack the royal castle, Charioce XIII is shown in his chambers with three mistresses. Once he realizes what is happening, he hurriedly puts on his golden armor in order to defend his castle, but the situation is resolved by Jeanne d'Arc before he manages to do anything.

When Jeanne d'Arc is given the Précieuse by Michael as a reward for defending the castle, Charioce XIII becomes very jealous, believing that as the king, he should be the only one entitled to have audiences with and receive gifts from the gods. He tries to offer Jeanne some land, hoping to retire her services voluntarily, but she refuses his offer politely, as she has no interest in such things.

Later, he speaks to his deceased mother's portrait, seeking guidance from her. After drinking the poisoned wine added secretly by someone, he experiences a hallucination of his mother warning him that his life is in danger, and that Jeanne is trying to kill him which increases his paranoid and loss of reasoning.

When Jeanne is framed for Gaurin's murder, he has her arrested and sentenced to death via burned at a stake, naming her a witch. Although his people protest her execution and try to disrupt it, he declares that anyone who sides with her is a traitor and his men will attack them.

However, Jeanne escapes her execution after consuming Martinet's concoction. She promptly transforms into a demon and flees from the castle on the back of a winged demon, a sight which horrifies Charioce XIII.

After Bahamut is revived, the royal castle catches on fire by one of Bahamut's projectiles. Charioce XIII pleads to his mother's portrait for help but the portrait merely drops on top of him, killing him.

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin SoulEdit

Three years after his death, Charioce XIII's illegitimate son Chris takes the throne. Chris's mother had been one of Charioce XIII's concubines who was banished from the royal castle as soon as her pregnancy was discovered. Chris's reign begins with him severing ties with the gods his father had tried so hard to please.


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