Dias Bardolomew
Dias Bardolomew
Kanji: ディアス・バルトロメウ
Romaji: Diasu Barutoromeu
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliations: Kaisar Lidfard
Occupation: Captain of the Orleans Knights
Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 1
Seiyuu: Yasuhiro Mamiya
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Dias Bardolomew (ディアス・バルトロメウ, Diasu Barutoromeu) is the adjutant of the Orleans Knights. Later on, after Bahamut's eventual defeat, he serves as the captain of the Orleans Knights.


He is a rather tall man with dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He wears the Orleans Knight uniform with a red shirt.


He is a very caring person and is always worrying about his subordinate Alessand, to the point that he hesitated in killing the man despite the horrible crimes committed by him. Although a knight, Dias is not above defying the rules for the sake of peace, even if defying the rules equates to defying the King and risking his future.


Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin SoulEdit

Dias is introduced as one of the knights serving under the King of Anatae. When Jeanne d'Arc fails to protect a child from a wounded demon raiding the child's village, Dias is one of two knights - the other being Kaisar Lidfard - who continues to support her. When Jeanne loses a sparring match with one of the Orleans Knights, Dias offers to spar with said knight himself, a demand which intimates the knight.

By the time of Charioce XVII, Dias is still serving as a knight. He becomes visibly upset when Charioce XVII strips Jeanne of her knighthood and banishes her from the royal castle for refusing to help him in severing ties with the gods.

When Charioce XVII and the gods initiate their war, Dias and Alessand are in hiding as they witness, much to their surprise, as green stone-powered ships, golems and knights collapse upon coming into close contact with the gods's weapon. Alessand expresses confusion since the King's weapons are designed to kill gods and should be immune to the gods' power, while Dias looks on with an observant expression.

Dias reluctantly joins Alessand at the demon brothel and worries that Kaisar will be unhappy to see them here like this. Alessand, drunk and depressed, loudly states the unlikelihood of that. A demon girl is trying to get Dias's attention when Alessand abruptly kicks over a waiter he found unattractive. To Dias's surprise, it is Kaisar in disguise. Kaisar informs them that he wishes to use Alessand in a plot to steal Charioce XVII's bracelet, so the King can no longer use Dromos.

Alessand is reluctant but his ultimate agreement to partake in the plot pleases Dias a lot, whose joy discomforts a rather confused Alessand. Dias also joins and is assigned by Rita the task of infiltrating the royal castle alongside Favaro, while Alessand escorts Nina in as an attendant of a ball being hosted.

The plot is ruined by Nina herself, and Dias is not seen again for sometime. Kaisar locates him and informs him, much to Dias's fury, that that Alessand had murdered the Holy Child. Dias considers Alessand a fool for doing so. Both men are certain Charioce XVII did not grant this important task to someone like Alessand personally, yet the Holy Child's mother is already gathering an army in response to the murder.

When asked about the King, Dias informs Kaisar that Charioce XVII had secretly left the castle the previous night, a piece of information Dias obtained by forcing it out of someone, an act which might ban Dias from the royal castle. Kaisar asks Dias to work with him in stopping the coming battle, and Dias gladly accepts.

After the pair fail to talk Jeanne out of fighting against Charioce XVII, they head for the capital city and stop the Orleans Knights there from slaying demon children. Kaisar chooses to head for the King while Dias chases down Alessand, who is now the Captain of the Orleans Knights, a position he received from murdering the Holy Child.

Alessand flees from the pair but gets knocked unconscious by falling debris. He wakes up to find Dias standing over him. Dias raises his sword against Alessand and demands to know why he murdered the Holy Child. Alessand bows and apologizes for the murder, and Dias falls for the bait by putting away his sword. Alessand responds by charging at him with a hidden dagger, but Dias catches it in time.

Dias is visibly disappointed by Alessand's actions and raises his sword again, causing Alessand to flee in terror. By the time Dias locates Alessand, the latter had been stabbed in the stomach by a demon child. Dias watches as the young Captain dies with tear filled eyes. Dias then collapses to his knees, crying as well, while calling Alessand a fool.

Dias is later seen carrying Alessand's dead body on his back as he wanders around the city. When a fire ball sent by Bahamut heads towards him, Dias witnesses the demons and gods combining their efforts to form a shield and protect the city.

At the conclusion of the battle, Dias is promoted to the position of Captain of the Orleans Knights.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dias is a knight of great talent as he is given the role of observing sword practices between members of the Orleans Knights. His skill is never questioned and younger knights visibly fear the idea of clashing swords with him. He also possesses quick reflexes as he was able to stop Alessand from stabbing him with a hidden dagger by catching the blade itself.


  • Bardolomew, more commonly spelled as "Bartholomew", is an English given name or surname derived from the Aramaic name meaning "son of Talmai".