Kanji: エル/ムガロ[1]
Romaji: Eru/Mugaro[1]
Also known as: El[2]

Mugaro (name given by Azazel)
Holy Child
El Mugaro D'Arc (gravestone inscription)

Status: Deceased
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Race: Half-human/Half-angel
Affiliations: Azazel
Relatives: Michael (father)

Jeanne d'Arc (mother)

Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 1
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El/Mugaro (エル/ムガロ, Eru/Mugaro)[1] is a mysterious child who is following and supporting the Rag Demon. After being hidden as a demon slave by his mother, he is later saved by Azazel, earning the name of Mugaro.


Mugaro is an androgynous looking boy with black hair and mismatched colored eyes, the right one is blue and the left one is red. In his true appearance, he has golden hair similar to Michael's and tiny white angel wings, which eventually have grown into a normal sized pair.


El was originally portrayed as a very smiling, quiet and serene person. From the day he was separated from his mother until when the angels captured him, he wasn't able to talk due to his throat being damaged by slave dealers during his life as a fake demon slave. After ascending to Heaven, Gabriel healed his wounded throat, allowing him to regain the ability to talk.

As his first act as a servant of the gods, El sought to retrieve his mother from captivity and despite the dangers, he daringly confronted Charioce XVII and the weapon Dromos. His reckless behavior made him problematic and he was locked away, yet El had come to believe his purpose was to bring peace to the world and was willing to defy even the gods themselves in order to achieve this.

Despite becoming consumed by the desire to fulfill his "destiny", El claimed he did not wish to fight the humans and seemed to prefer taking care of and protecting his friends. The decision to go to war was done so with a heavy heart, although his untimely death saw El doing a little more than pushing his mother to go to war against Charioce XVII herself, only for the war to end abruptly when Bahamut returned.



Jeanne d'Arc was praying to Michael when El's birth occurred; Jeanne's belly suddenly began to swell and El emerged from her womb and called the former saint "Mama".

Jeanne's lonely life became pleasant with the young El by her side. However, their peace was ruined when the angel Sofiel ended up at their doorstep while being pursued by the Onyx Knights. When one of the knights attacked Jeanne, El activated his power and disabled the knight's green stone. The news was reported back to Charioce XVII, who then declared he wanted the Holy Child captured and/or killed.

From the moment El used his power, Jeanne went on the run with him to escape the Onyx Knights. The two entered a place where they found demons being tortured, Jeanne then used the blood from a dead demon to disguise El as a demon slave and cut off his small wings. Jeanne then escaped with a demon corpse to lure her pursuers away from her son.[3]

Sometime after this, El was stripped of his ability to speak by a slave dealer. He lived among terrified demon slaves until the demon Azazel appeared and killed the dealers. El took hold of Azazel's jacket and silently asked to stay with him. Azazel promptly adopted the child and named him "Mugaro".

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin SoulEdit

Two years after being saved by Azazel, Mugaro continues to follow him around and helps out at the demon funeral home. When demon gladiators are pitted against each other for human entertainment, he uses his powers to grant quick and painless deaths to the demons that are fatally wounded. When Azazel shows Nina the conditions that the demons are living in, Mugaro offers some food to two demons to stop them from fighting over the little bit of food that they had.

Later, when left in Rita's care while Azazel was gone, he spends time with Nina, who has him wear female clothing, due to her mistaking him as a girl. When the two later witness a human abusing his demon slaves, he intervenes before Nina can fight the man and his bodyguards, using his power to dissolve the collars that enslaved the demons.[4]

After using his powers in an attempt to save Azazel after his plans fail during the day of the parade, he is found and captured by Sofiel, who takes him to Heaven.[5] Gabriel has planned to use Mugaro in a war to make humans pray and worship the gods again. She demands Charioce to return Jeanne d'Arc and immediately surrender to the gods. Charioce refused and threatened Gabriel to use force against him. In response, Gabriel officially declares war on the humans.

The war begins in favor of the gods until Charioce XVII unveils the ancient weapon Dromos. Mugaro, now going by his original name "El", refuses to flee despite Gabriel's orders and decides to combat Dromos' devastating blast head on using the divine weapon he is piloting, but Dromos wins out and destroys the weapon, knocking El unconscious. The gods ultimately lose the war as many of them are slain. Once Gabriel manages to take El back to Heaven, she imprisons him in a room as punishment for his defiance, with Bacchus and Hamsa instructed to cheer him up. El is soon visited by his mother Jeanne, who has escaped captivity to come see him. El is also reunited with Nina.

El recounts the two years he spent without Jeanne and reveals that his savior was Azazel. When El insists he should go to war and disobey Gabriel's commands, he is met with disapproval from both Sofiel and Jeanne. El sulks as he is forced to stay locked up. A conversation between Nina, Bacchus and Hamsa about hippogriffs drives El to plan an escape once Nina, Bacchus and Hamsa have passed out from alcohol. El swaps clothes with Nina and escapes the room in search of Bacchus's carriage, but he finds dozens and intimidated, he runs away and gets pursued by Nina.

Nina tries to grab him but falls towards the surface when she fails. El follows her down and catches her out of regard for her safety, much to Nina's delight. The two continue to descend down the dangerous portal but are assisted by Bacchus and Hamsa who have retrieved their carriage. The four make it through the portal safe and sound, with Bacchus deciding to park in the capital city much to El's joy. El proclaims his wish to continue the war with the humans for it is his duty. Bacchus makes El promise he won't go to war with the King or he'll deliver El back to the gods.

Favaro, Kaisar and Azazel arrive and meet the group at their hideout. El is delighted to see Azazel again but the demon merely walks past him. When Nina's ability to transform at will drives Azazel to leave the hideout, El decides to follow him into the streets. El is spotted by city guards and tries to flee, but is saved by Azazel who drops him off near the site of Dante and Belphegor's demise, which he visits.

El apologizes for his inability to assist Azazel back then but the demon brushes off his apology, saying there is nothing for El to apologize. El notes Azazel's warm and welcoming smile and realizes Azazel has accepted him once more.[6] El and Azazel are promptly dragged into a plot to steal Charioce XVII's bracelet, which he uses to power Dromos. Rita assigns El the task of guarding the escape route in case the Onyx Knights show up, with Azazel watching over him.

The plan is a failure and the pair discover Alessand Visponti, a member of the plot, running away. Azazel opts to lead him back to the slums. However, the trio are confronted by Jeanne and Sofiel, who wish to take El back to the land of the gods for his own safety. El is sidetracked when he senses Nina is danger and flies off to Nina's location. El activates his powers on the Onyx Knights who were intending to execute Nina. With Nina safe, the group return to their hideout where Sofiel once again asks El to return to the land of the gods with her. El thinks he should because he still wants to fulfill his destiny of saving the world, but he also wishes to have one day to say goodbye to his friends and mother. Sofiel allows this.

When El has said goodbye to everyone, he begins his departure but is spotted along the way by Alessand. El is approached by Alessand in a cave and before he can respond, Alessand stabs him in the stomach. El drops to the ground and bleeds heavily from the wound. When Favaro spots El, he quickly carries the dying child back to Rita.

Despite her best efforts, Rita is unable to save him and El succumbs to his injury. His death is witnessed by his mother, Sofiel, Bacchus, Hamsa, Kaisar, Favaro and Azazel. Nina, who is also present, is unable to cry while everyone else does. El's death drives Jeanne d'Arc to serve the gods once more in order to avenge her son. Jeanne declares war against Charioce XVII, blaming him for the murder and the years he spent hunting down El.

During the war, El is avenged by a terrified demon child who stabs Alessand in the stomach, killing him.[7]

After the defeat of Bahamut, El is buried near his mother's home. Azazel visits the grave to place the ocarina next to it as a parting gift. Jeanne has also left El's toy upon the grave.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

As a half-angel, El possesses a range of abilities that usually manifest through his left eye. Other times, his whole body shines a golden hue.

  • Disabling green stones - Because of his human blood, El could disable the green stones used by the Onyx Task Force since these stones lacked any form of resistance against humans. He was also shown removing the green stone-powered collars worn by demon slaves.
  • Flight - El possessed a pair of white wings that enabled him to fly. El lost this ability temporarily after his mother cut off his wings to hide his identity.
  • Heightened Senses - El could detect the presence of gods and knew when they were approaching him.[8] El was also able to sense his mother when the latter entered Heaven in search of him.
  • Kiss of Death - El was shown kissing dying demons and by doing so, the demons ceased to feel any pain and their bodies disintegrated in a golden light.
  • Levitation - El could levitate himself and others with minimum effort. He could also levitate others to his position, as seen with Azazel.


Like most characters, El possesses a range of weaknesses.

  • Dagger - El was killed by being stabbed in the heart with a dagger. He bled out rapidly and could not be saved by Rita.
  • Demon Blood - El's divine powers were suppressed after he was drenched in demon blood. This was undone by Gabriel.
  • Dromos - El was left injured and unconscious after taking a near direct hit from Dromos. He survived likely because of the defense shield he put up.


  • Azazel: El was rescued from slavery by Azazel, who subsequently took care of El and named him "Mugaro". El deeply cared about Azazel and openly regarded him as a good person.[9] El carried him with an ocarina as a reminder of his and Azazel's bond. The thought of being without Azazel could put El in a sullen mood and he cried heavily when he said goodbye to Azazel, thanking the demon for everything. His death drove Azazel to seek revenge against the King.
  • Charioce XVII: When Charioce XVII discovered El could disable the green stones used by the Onyx Knights, he sent out an order for El's death. Charioce XVII spent two years trying to get his hands on El, hoping to do so before the gods, but when the gods captured El first, Charioce XVII declared he wanted El dead along with the gods. El himself held a deep resentment towards Charioce XVII for imprisoning his mother and believed it was his destiny to go to war with the King and bring peace to the world. Unfortunately for El, Charioce XVII's order for El's death was fulfilled by Alessand Visponti.
  • Gabriel: El was sought out by Gabriel in hopes of using his power to force the humans into worshiping the gods again. El was initially afraid of Gabriel until she managed to convince him that by serving the gods he could not only rescue his mother but bring peace to the world. El became convinced that bringing peace was his purpose and became fixated on this belief to the point he wished to act on his own without Gabriel's permission. El disliked Gabriel for trying to control him and in return Gabriel tried to keep him locked up until he obeyed her. His untimely death led Gabriel to recruit El's mother in fighting against Charioce XVII.
  • Jeanne d'Arc: El's mother. El loved his mother deeply and cared for her well being. He did not blame her for cutting off his wings and leaving him among slaves. El spent the following two years worrying about Jeanne and was shown, on at least one occasion, playing his ocarina while staring at the prison Jeanne was kept in. El was determined to rescue her and once he knew she was safe, El sought to continue his war with the humans believing it would do his mother good too.
  • Michael: El's father. El was left as a parting gift from Michael to Jeanne. El never asks about or mentions Michael. El does, however, choose to go to war and leave his mother behind despite Michael's purpose for him.
  • Nina Drango: El became fast friends with Nina after meeting her for the first time. Nina delighted in being around El and even took him on a trip around the capital. El was shown to truly care about Nina's well being, rescuing her twice when Nina's life was threatened. El's death deeply upset Nina but she overcame it in favor of being with Charioce XVII.


I will correct mankind and take back my mother.
Gabriel cannot save the world. The only one who can save me.
My power is for a higher purpose. That's why I have to stay here, and fight to bring peace to the world.


  • Even though everyone including Azazel refers to him as a boy, Nina treats and refers to him as a girl.
  • Mugaro is occasionally shown playing an ocarina.
  • The name "El" derives from many different origins in the East. In Hebrew "El" is the generic word for any god. The ancient Levantines referred to "El" as their supreme god.
  • El is the first (and so far, only) half-human, half-angel character to appear in the series. He is however, the second hybrid introduced following Amira.
  • El is the only known character to be born after the death of one of his parents, specifically his father, who died three years before he was born.


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