Kanji: エル/ムガロ[1]
Romaji: Eru/Mugaro[1]
Also known as: El[2]

Mugaro (name given by Azazel)

Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Half human/Half angel
Relatives: Jeanne d'Arc (mother)

Michael (father)

Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 1
Seiyuu: Rie Kugimiya
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El/Mugaro (エル/ムガロ, Eru/Mugaro)[1] is a mysterious child who is following and supporting the Rag Demon. After being hidden as a demon slave by his mother, he is later saved by Azazel, earning the name of Mugaro.


Mugaro is an androgynous looking boy with wall eyes, the right one is blue and the left one is red. In his true appearance, he has golden hair similar to Michael's and tiny white angel wings, which eventually have grown into a normal sized pair. His hair changed from golden to black, when Jeanne d'Arc bathed him in demon blood in order to protect him from pursuers. She then chopped off his wings to hide his identity.[3]

After taking his divine form, he regained his wings and his hair turned back to golden.

Personality Edit

El or Mugaro is portrayed as a very smiling, quiet and serene person. From the day he was separated from his mother until when the angels captured him, he wasn't able to talk due to his throat being damaged by slave dealers during his life as a fake demon slave. After ascending to heaven, the angels healed his wounded throat, allowing him to regain ability to talk.


Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin SoulEdit


Jeanne d'Arc was praying to Michael when Mugaro's birth occurred, suddenly Jeanne's belly began to swell and so El was born. We are shown a Mugaro of about 4 or 5 years old, with small wings, golden hair, pale skin, heterochromia eyes and smiling. One day there was a storm, and Jeanne found the Angel Sofiel who was being chased by the guards of Charioce. Jeanne rushed to her aid, but ends up being chased along with Mugaro by the guards. Escaping from these they entered a place where they found demons being tortured, Jeanne then uses the blood from the demons to disguise El as a demon prisoner and cuts both his small wings, leaving him unconscious as well as losing his divine power. Jeanne then escaping with a demon corpse to lure her pursuers away from her son.


After being saved by Azazel, he continues to follow him around and helps out at the demon funeral home. When demons gladiators are pitted against each other for human entertainment, he uses his powers to grant quick and painless deaths to the demons that are fatally wounded. When Azazel shows Nina the conditions that the demons are living in, Mugaro offers some food to two demons to stop them from fighting over the little bit of food that they had. Later, when left in Rita's care while Azazel was gone, he spends time with Nina, who has him wear female clothing, due to her mistaking him as a girl. When the two later witness a human abusing his demon slaves, he intervenes before Nina can fight the man and his bodyguards, using his power to dissolve the collars that enslaved the demons. After using his powers in an attempt to save Azazel after his plans fail during the day of the parade, he is found and captured by Sofiel, who takes him to heaven. Gabriel has planned to use Mugaro in a war to make humans pray and worship the gods. She demand Charioce to return Jeanne d'Arc and immediate surrender to the gods. Charioce refused and Gabriel officially declares war on humans

Power & AbilitiesEdit

El is in possession of mysterious powers. When Azazel was being defeated by the Onyx Task Force, his mysterious power could immobilises the knights and made Azazel levitate to his position. During the cast of this spell, his body begins to shine. El was being searched for by Sofiel for a long time and every time his abilitity is used, the gods are able to sense his presence.


  • Even though everyone including Azazel refers to him as a boy, Nina treats and refers to him as a girl.
  • Mugaro is occasionally shown playing an ocarina.
  • The name "El" derives from many different origins in the East. In Hebrew "El" is the generic word for any god. The ancient Levantines referred to "El" as their supreme god.


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