Fog of Nebelville
Episode 03
Episode Info
Kanji Fog of Nebelville
Romaji Fog of Nebelville
Air Date October 20, 2014
Episode Direction Matsumi Shin`ichi, Kim Dong jun
Storyboard Iwataki Satoshi
Screenplay Tanizaki Akira
Animation Direction Kim Dong jun
Episode Chronology
Episode 2 Episode 4

Fog of Nebelville is the 3rd episode of Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis anime.



With the God Key taken from sacred ground the boundaries between godkind and demonkind has begun to crumble. Favaro and Amira continue their way toward Helheim but detour for a bounty to earn more funds for their journey. Amira recalls "the incident" that took one of her wings, leaving her flightless: when she stole the God Key by becoming it. Meanwhile Kaisar gets lost in a forest but is found and taken to Nebelville. Kaisar's rescuers implore him for his help in dispatching monsters plaguing the town. Kaisar warms to the doctor's young but serious and distant daughter, Rita, recalling his upbringing as a knight and the disaster that befell his family. Upon confronting the monsters it is revealed that a fog infects victim's minds to believe an illusion: The village really is rundown and inhabited with zombies. Favaro and Amira show themselves and confront the bounty, the doctor's daughter, who is a necromancer and has commanded the zombie filled town for the past 200 years. 



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