Reunion at Ysmenport
Episode 04
Episode Info
Kanji Reunion at Ysmenport
Romaji Reunion at Ysmenport
Air Date October 27, 2014
Episode Direction Matsumi Shin`ichi, Mutou Kenji
Storyboard Hatsumi Kouichi
Screenplay Hasegawa Keiichi
Animation Direction Ebihara Masao
Episode Chronology
Episode 3 Episode 5

Reunion at Ysmenport is the 4th episode of Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis anime.



Favaro and Amira arrive in Ysmenport where they look for a ship to take them to Helhiem. The captain named Amon turns out to be an old acquaintance of Favaro and his father's who takes them aboard. It is revealed Favaro's father, Barossa, was a bandit chief but Favaro chose to strike it out on his own as a bounty hunter. Meanwhile Kaisar continues his pursuit of Favaro with Rita the zombie necromancer tagging along. Rita finds out Kaisar and Favaro were childhood friends but Favaro used Kaisar to get information to sabotage Kaisar's father's mission, leading to the family's downfall. However Barossa died not long after the raid when a demon attacked him and his men, leaving Amon the sole survivor. When a giant crab, the Shipwrecker, appears and wrecks havoc on the ship, which Amira fends off easily, Amon reveals he has a pact with a demon and planned both of Kaisar and Favaro's fathers' downfalls. Kaisar's then ship crashes into Amon's, unleashing Rita's zombie pirates on Amon's goons. Favaro and Amon engage in battle only for Amon to be eaten by the Shipwrecker. As Kaisar confronts Favaro the demons pursuing Amira capture her and Kaisar who attempts to shield her from the attack. Kaisar and Amira are whisked away, leaving Favaro and Rita behind. 



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