Anatae, Part 2: The Storm Rages
Episode 07
Episode Info
Kanji Anatae, Part 2: The Storm Rages
Romaji Anatae, Part 2: The Storm Rages
Air Date November 24, 2014
Episode Direction Kurokawa Tomoyuki, Igari Takashi
Storyboard Kobayashi Hiroshi
Screenplay Akahoshi Masanao
Animation Direction Yamashita Yoshimitsu
Episode Chronology
Episode 6 Episode 8

Anatae, Part 2: The Storm Rages is the 7th episode of Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis anime.



The demon legion descends upon the city to claim the God Key while the humans go on the defense. A happy Amira appears before Favaro, claiming she met her father within the city, before dashing off. The King's forces battle the demons at a losing pace while Amira happily stuffs herself inside the kitchen while Favaro, Kaisar and Rita attempt to get information about her father. Azazel infiltrates the castle, leaving carnage behind as he seeks Amira who is now passed out. He proceeds to taunt Kaisar about his father's death, admitting his involvement but Favaro takes the blame and challenges Azazel, buying time to get Amira and the God Key away. Eventually Kaisar comes back to aid Favaro and Azazel recalls he is actually the killer of both their fathers. Kaisar sacrifices himself to buy time for Jeanne to charge up her sacred weapon Maltet who then delivers a decisive blow to the distracted Azazel. The tide changes, the humans winning and Favaro manages to save Kaisar but in the meantime when Rita finishes fighting and goes back to wake Amira she finds her missing. 



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