Decision in the Wailing Woods
Episode 09
Episode Info
Kanji Decision in the Wailing Woods
Romaji Decision in the Wailing Woods
Air Date December 8, 2014
Episode Direction Matsumi Shin`ichi, Itou Fumio
Storyboard Mutou Kenji
Screenplay Tanizaki Akira
Animation Direction Yamashita Yoshimitsu
Episode Chronology
Episode 8 Episode 10

Decision in the Wailing Woods is the 9th episode of Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis anime.



Amira and Favaro slip out of the city while Rita causes a diversion and Lavalley tasks Kaisar to track them down in order to aid them in his stead. Back in the Capital Jeanne is framed by an unknown demon for attempted murder on the king as well as slaughtering of guards and the officer Gaurin. The Angels continue to fight to maintain the seal on Bahamut as it grows increasingly unstable. Kaisar catches up to Amira and Favaro in a forest where they are transported to an alternate space and free an imprisoned dragon when they remove a poisonous barb of Bahamut from his foot. The dragon reveals that when Amira's key meets the seal Bahamut will released, as it has been countless times before. Meanwhile the god clan and demon clan accuse the other of plotting against them and amass their forces to crush the other. Amira cries when she learns the world will end because of her, meaning her mother's death, though Favaro resolves to change fate after enduring a vision of Bahamut and recalling his father's words. The King orders the death of Jeanne by burning at the stake and commands Lavalley to capture and kill any of her supporters. While beneath the castle, Rita investigates the cause of madness and trickery. The trio arrive in Prudisia while Favaro is troubled by what the dragon told him: Should Amira ever be close to Bahamut, she'll fuse with it permanently due to her god and demon blood as only a human vessel can maintain the seal; the only way to prevent the fusing is to kill Amira. 



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