Favaro Leone



Kanji: ファバロ・レオーネ
Romaji: Fabaro Reōne
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Demon (temporarily)
Affiliations: Amira

Nina Drango (former apprentice)

Relatives: Barossa Leone (father)

Bunyan Leone (mother)

Anime Debut: Episode 1

Virgin Soul Episode 8

Manga Debut: TWIN HEADS Chapter 1
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Favaro Leone (ファバロ・レオーネ, Fabaro Reōne) is a young bounty hunter constantly pursued by Kaisar Lidfard that after meeting Amira ends up traveling with her in her quest to meet her mother.

He returns in Virgin Soul and acts as a support for his apprentice Nina Drango, the protagonist.


Favaro is a young man with an orange hair styled into an afro, and green eyes. He has a large X-shaped scar on his face. He wears a rather sparse armor consisting of left pauldron, plate on his left elbow, plates on both of his knees and plated boots. He also wears a bounty hunter bracer, but destroys it later on.

After "forging" a contract with Amira, Favaro gains a demonic tail, which seems possible to change size.

After the liberation of Bahamut, his hairstyle slightly changes and he gains red eyes, signifying his change from human to full fledged demon. These changes are reversed when he is cured by Kaisar. After he kills Bahamut, his right leg is torn away by blast.

Six months after the events of the series, Favaro is shown to have grown a goatee, and has a mechanic right leg in the place of one blown away by the death of Bahamut. He also loses his demonic tail.


He is somewhat of a self-proclaimed ladies' man and he claims that he only watches out for himself. He doesn't like to be responsible for others. This is noted when he told his father's old friend that he had no interest in being his father's heir in leading the bandits. He loves the freedom to do what he wants when he wants. Deep down though, he actually cares for his friends, facing danger if it means that he could save them. He also is a deceitful liar. He lies in order to get out of tough situations or to make his enemies lower their guard. Despite being a chronic liar, Favaro is practically unable to maintain a serious facial expression after being asked if he's lying.

Favaro's love for freedom remains ten years later, although most of his current actions seem to be inspired by his longing for Amira. He sympathizes with Nina and her love for Charioce XVII and is not above proclaiming the King innocent of all his crimes and encourage Nina to choose love and not the world. Favaro does care for his allies as well as the new ones, but his priorities are now Amira and anyone whose romance reminds him of his own.


Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisEdit

Favaro Leone was a bounty hunter for Bacchus, a god who is always drunk due to his love of wine. After a routine job, Favaro went to the local pub to celebrate. When he left said pub, he ran into Amira who asked him to take her to Helheim. That is when the trouble began. Because of his earlier capture of one criminal, said criminal's brother wanted revenge and so he summoned a demon to take Favaro out. Amira intervened because Favaro said that he knew where Helheim was. Just as Amira wiped out the summoned demon, Favaro passed out. The next morning he realized he grew a demon tail after unconsciously making a contract with Amira. However, when Amira and his childhood friend/rival Kaisar Lidford get kidnapped by the fallen angel, Azazel, he gave up being a bounty hunter in order to prove to Bacchus that he was serious about saving them. He traveled with Amira, Rita, and Kaisar towards Helheim, while simultaneously looking for a way to remove his curse and get back to his old life. After being trapped by Belzebuth he was forcibly transformed into a demon by Martinet.

There was a fight between Kaisar and Favaro. Kaisar recalled that he had fought with Favaro numerous times and can see that Favaro was now truly a demon. He shoots Favaro in the chest using crossbow making Martinet presume he was dead.

Afterwards when Kaisar confronts Martinet he revealed that in reality he's a human named Gilles de Rais that posed as Martinet to the demons and as Lavalley to the humans to trick both demons and gods into his plan to release Bahamut and let it burn the world.

Favaro then appears, fights Kaisar and after overwhelming him he cuts off his left hand. Favaro then takes the severed arm to Gilles de Rais. As Gilles de Rais is exulting in his victory, it is revealed that Favaro is back to his human self and both Kaisar and Favaro tricks Gilles de Rais and trap him using the bounty hunters bracer.

On Rita's asking why Favaro is back to human, Kaisar reveals that he caught the antidote that fell from the sky and put it in the bolts' head which he then shot at Favaro.

Favaro exclaims that he is going to kill Amira. on Kaisar's protest he exclaims that it was what the old dragon revealed. Kaisar and Favaro then head for Bahamut by riding on Hamsa. They reach the seal on Bahamut's forehead by passing through the shield being built around Bahamut. Favaro hesitates but finally pierces the seal using Bahamut's talon. A great light is released and all can see Favaro in the light. Jean d'Arc sees Favaro and exclaims that he is The Holy Knight. Favaro falls from Bahamut's forehead and is suspended in front of its eye.

Amira appears from the depths of Bahamut's eye and then comes floating in front of Favaro. Favaro and Amira talk, during which Favaro expresses all the things he still wishes to do with Amira. Amira is overcome with emotion. The two share a kiss. Bahamut begins exploding and Favaro is flung off, his right leg severed. He is saved by Azazel, who departs shortly after.

Half a year later, Favaro, now with a goatee and a mechanical leg, is seen in a bar. He talks to the bartender and tells him Bahamut cannot die and will return someday. As Favaro is mounting his horse. In the last scene, Favaro is leaving town when Kaisar drops down from above on horseback, proclaiming that he would not be in debt to Favaro. Both are then seen racing out of the city.

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin SoulEdit

Ten years later, Favaro was last seen in jail, sporting a full beard and a large head full of hair. He reunited with Kaisar after the latter also ends up in prison for upsetting Charioce XVII. Their friendship is somewhat rekindled as the two spend this difficult period together. When Rita shows up with Jeanne and Nina in hopes of rescuing Kaisar, Favaro joins the group in escaping the prison and they become the few that do make it out alive.

When Kaisar is captured again and forced to fight in the arena against Azazel for Charioce XVII's entertainment, Favaro helps Kaisar and Azazel escape. The three regroup elsewhere and soon rejoin with Nina, Bacchus, Hamsa, Rita and El. Describing them as his new team, Favaro joins everyone in plotting to steal Charioce XVII's bracelet so he can no longer operate Dromos, which Kaisar regards as a devastating weapon and the cause of much terror.

Rita is the one to assign everyone their roles. Because Favaro is human, he is paired with Dias Bardolomew in infiltrating the royal castle to steal the King's bracelet. Alessand Visponti and Nina Drango will meanwhile attend the ball being hosted there. Unfortunately for the team, Nina ruins the plot by deciding she wants to dance with the King. When Favaro arrives to steal the bracelet, Nina stops him on grounds that removing the bracelet will kill Charioce XVII.

Favaro hesitates out of affection for his former student, and the guards end up surrounding him. Because of the plot's failure, he escapes with Nina and Kaisar. The three are chased down by Onyx Knights who capture Favaro and Kaisar while an assassin confronts Nina and fights her in their dragon forms. A defeated Nina is told by the Captain of the Onyx Knights that the King she is so deeply in love with hired the assassin to kill her.

Seeing Nina's distress over the news, Favaro is reminded of the time Amira cried over the death of her mother Nicole. This reminder drives Favaro to break free from the Onyx Knights's hold on him. He and Kaisar are easily able to fight the knights who bear no special advantage over them. Their fight is interrupted by El, who uses his power to immobilize the knights while Sofiel, an angel, arrives and kills the assassin.

With the Onyx Knights tied up and Nina safe, Favaro carries Nina on his back and makes a quick run towards the team's base of operation. Once there, Sofiel requests El's return to the Land of the gods. El decides to say goodbye to everyone first. Moments later, Favaro spots Alessand running away from their base. He then sees El bleeding on the ground and hurriedly carries him to Rita's clinic in an attempt to save him.

He watches with the rest of the team as Rita tries and fails to save El from a stab wound to the heart. He, along with most of the team, exits the clinic to mourn. He informs a horrified Kaisar Lidfard that the culprit was most certainly Alessand. When Nina has a break down in Bacchus's carriage over El's death, Favaro goes to visit her and they briefly discuss the likeliness of Charioce XVII taking more lives. When they hear Jeanne d'Arc's declaration of war against the "Mad King", the remaining team members (excluding Kaisar and Azazel) agree to head for Eibos.

When Favaro finally confronts Charioce XVII, he punches the King and proceeds to tell him how the hits put out on both Nina and El are not Charioce XVII's doing nor is the war with the gods (when in reality, Charioce XVII is indeed responsible for all three).

An injured Favaro later tells Nina of his guilt for choosing the world over the love of his life, Amira. He is glad when asked to make a choice herself, Nina chooses Charioce XVII.

Following the defeat of Bahamut, Favaro decides to travel again in a secret mission to try and find Amira, now certain that she is out there somewhere and that Bahamut is not dead yet.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Favaro is skilled warrior that mainly uses his dagger for fighting but he will use his crossbow for enemies that are out of his reach. A trickster who prefers to use indirect methods to win rather than direct ones and has great observance skills.

  • Swordsman: Favaro's weapon of choice is his long dagger which he wields in either regular or reverse grip. Despite his dagger being only about long as his forearm, he can utilize it in many combat situations, even when fighting opponents with much larger weapons. He is also capable of using standard sized long swords, as well as makeshift scimitar. He also has some minor skill in wielding morning star mace.
  • Intelligence: He often use deception of words and behaves like a fool to lower his opponents' guards.
  • Marksman: Favaro has demonstrated great proficiency with his repeating crossbow. He was able to successfully shoot-sever the ropes with it, as well as hitting relatively small targets, with noticeable accuracy from moderate distances.
  • Acrobatics: Favaro possesses high acrobatic abilities, evident in him being able not just walk, but also run and fight on a horizontally tied rope on a ship. He is also capable of preforming several difficult flips and spins on a said rope.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Favaro appears to be greatly skilled in unarmed combat, as he was able to swiftly subdue a pair of bandits with nothing but his bare hands.
  • Highly Perceptive Combatant: Favaro will more than often win his fights with wits rather than brute force; he watered the ground with liquor in order to combat the pyrokinetic abilities of demons that Garth summoned to kill him, and get them to kill themselves. He later displays his wits by tricking Martinet into thinking he was fighting for him, only to turn him into a bounty tablet.

Equipment Edit

  • Bounty Hunter's Bracer: A symbol showing his contract with the god Bacchus that enables him to hunt down criminals without the authorities to apprehend him. Bacchus mentions that if one was to remove the bracer (with his knowledge) they could never again be bounty hunters. The bracer has the ability to turn targets into small stone cards.
  • Dagger: Favaro's weapon of choice: dual edged dagger, about the length of his forearm, with L-shaped guard, wrapped hilt, and what appears to be a watch in a place of pommel. Dagger is destroyed by Kaisar, but Favaro replaces it with the Fragment of Bahamut, and the original blade seems to be reforged after the time skip.
  • Crossbow: Favaro's favored weapon for long-distance combat. One handed, collapsible repeatable crossbow, with a drum that can hold up to six bolts.
  • Bahamut's Talon: Bahamut's talon that was stuck in the scales of the Ancient Forest Dragon. Both Kaisar and Amira tried to pull it out with little success. However to the surprise of both of them, Favaro was able to pull it out. Favaro later attaches it to the hilt of his dagger and uses it to pierce through Bahamut.


  • Amira: Favaro was coerced b Amira into assisting her on her quest in reuniting with her mother at Helheim. The journey brought Favaro into an encounter with demons, gods and eventually, Bahamut. Favaro developed feelings for Amira and sought to protect her from her fate, though he ultimately accepted that the world needed saving and bid Amira goodbye. The two shared a kiss before Amira and Bahamut disappeared. Ten years later, Favaro came to regret his decision and if he could, he would choose Amira over the world. After Bahamut was struck by Dromos, Favaro learned that Bahamut had survived the blast and sought to search for the dragon as well as Amira, who had left him a message through Nina, proving she was still alive.
  • Bacchus: Being a bounty hunter, Favaro serves directly under the god Bacchus. Favaro generally receives bounties and rewards from Bacchus, and is not above complaining or threatening the god, much to the god's chagrin. Favaro does however, consider Bacchus a better god than the ones who still reside in Heaven. The two also work as a team as seen during Bahamut's revival. They are still in contact ten years later though they are not seen talking to each other as often as before.
  • Charioce XVII: Favaro was a prisoner of Charioce XVII for reasons unclear. He did not accept his predicament and helped to free Azazel and Kaisar from captivity. However, Favaro's opinion of Charioce XVII became highly sympathetic once he learned his former apprentice, Nina Drango, had feelings for the King. On their first onscreen meeting, Favaro punched Charioce XVII before telling him that he had no involvement in the attempt on Nina's life, nor on El's life, and he did not initiate the war with the gods. Favaro's declarations were all false however, as Charioce XVII had done all of this, yet Favaro continued to side with the King to the point that he was proud Nina would let the world end if it meant she could be with Charioce. In an act that benefited Charioce XVII more than it didn't, Favaro informed no one of his knowledge that Charioce XVII had not in fact killed Bahamut, allowing Charioce XVII to continue on being revered as a hero.
  • Kaisar Lidfard: Favaro and Kaisar were childhood friends who had a falling out as a result of an incident involving their fathers. Favaro became a target of Kaisar who wanted to punish Favaro for the disgrace his family had suffered. Favaro did not take Kaisar seriously and still helped the other whenever he could. Their friendship was restored once they learned the incident had been orchestrated by Azazel. The two then worked together in defeating Bahamut, after which they spent some time travelling together though Kaisar ultimately chose to remain a loyal knight while Favaro continued on as a bounty hunter. Although still technically friends, their relationship has grown noticeably distant after ten years.


  • Bacchus and Bunyan calls Favaro "Bomber Head" for his large afro, while Amira calls him "Fava".


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