Garth introduction
Kanji: ガース
Romaji: Gāsu
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relatives: Ghos (brother)
Anime Debut: Episode 1
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Garth (ガース, Gāsu) is a bandit and brother of Ghos, together they have bounty of 1600 rupies.




Garth was seen in a church, with the priest's body hanged. He was demanding for his girls, but his men told him that today in town a bounty hunter was seen and it may be because of that, the girls are still not here. Garth asked his men to bring that bounty hunter, but then Favaro told him that he is already here. He told his men to kill him, but Favaro took out his men quite easily. Garth commented that Favaro is strong and then used summoning spell to summon 3 Lesser Demons. Seeing the demons Favaro, quickly ran. When they got outside, Favaro commented it's strange that the ground is wet, while it haven't rained, but ignoring that Garth ordered the demons to burn Favaro. As the demons were breathing fire, they ignited the ground and burned themselves, with Favaro commenting that this wasn't water, but alcohol. Garth was surprised that he knew about their fire attack and then Favaro showed him a small demon, telling Garth that he shouldn't keep talking pet. Garth took out his sword and attacked Favaro, but after dodging and pushing him from behind, Garth stepped on his pet and slipped, ending stabbed by a pitchfork. Moments before he die, Favaro used a spell and turned him into a card.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Garth summoning Lesser Demons

Garth using summoning spell

Not very good with a sword or his head, he is able to use black magic and can summon 3 Lesser Demons at the same time. The bulky demons are of around the size of a human and are capable of breathing fire.


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