Ghos introduction
Kanji: ゴース
Romaji: Gōsu
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relatives: Garth (brother)
Anime Debut: Episode 1
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Ghos (ゴース, Gōsu) is a bandit and older brother of Garth, together they have bounty of 1600 rupies.




Ghos was first seen on the night that Favaro killed his brother, and wanted to to avenge him. Similar to him, Ghos used summoning spell, but from the large summoning circle only a small demon head showed up. Favaro started laughing, telling him that his little brother did better, but then the whole demon came out and Favaro was shocked how huge he was. Ghos ordered him to kill Favaro and Amira. Favaro fought him and even stabbed him in the head, but after the demon shaked him off, he lost his sword. Then Amira, needing Favaro's help, decided to fight and transformed into a demon form in which he easily overpowered the large demon. As she was beating the demon, she returned Favaro's sword and while Ghos was looking at how she defeat his demon, Favaro stabbed him in the back and turned him into a card.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Ghos summoning a Demon

Ghos using summoning spell

It's unknown if he is physically stronger than his brother, but similar to him, he is able to use black magic. With it, he can summon 1 large Demon, whos main ability is his size and strength.


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