Helheim is a Northern land.


Helheim was chosen as the place to hide the Demon Key, one of two keys used to seal Bahamut. It was guarded by Belzebuth and his attendant Martinet.

According to Amira, Helheim was a place she needed to go to in order to find her mother, Nicole. After the gods publicly forbid her from going there, Amira was approached by Lavalley who presented to her and Favaro a map leading to the "real" location of Nicole.

Amira and Favaro Leone (later joined by Kaisar Lidfard) thus traveled to this new location, only to arrive and find the demons Belzebuth and Martinet waiting for them there. Indeed, the trio found Nicole there as well, but Amira was informed that she had walked right into Helheim since the map was false.

Nicole perished soon after while Amira absorbed the Demon Key. Having previously taken in the God Key, Amira brought about the return of Bahamut.

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