The humans of SnB

Humans are one of the 3 big races in Mistarcia.

Appearance Edit

Humans are two-legged beings with two arms, two eyes with varying heights.

Where do they live? Edit

On the surface, mainly in Anatae.

Abilities/Powers Edit

Humans naturally do not possess any special abilities, though they can learn to use magic and create potions. Humans can also operate divine weapons, increasing their own offenses and defenses.

Humans can also be blessed by gods, which increases their power. Those who are blessed can be given wings enabling them to fly. Through a certain concoction, humans can also transform into demons, but at the cost of their free will.

Relationships Edit

Gods/Angels Edit

Humans worshipped the gods and offered prayers to them regularly. They were subservient to the gods and had to obey commands passed down onto them. In exchange, the gods offered protection and wisdom. Each new king was known to receive a god's blessing before taking the throne, until Charioce XVII decided to break the old tradition and rebel against the gods.

Charioce XVII's ill-treatment of the gods led to bitter resentment, as the gods had lost many of their kind trying to stop Bahamut from destroying the world, yet no thanks was given, only an attempt by Charioce to annihilate the gods. Many gods were killed as Charioce relied on divine weapons such as Dromos to defeat them, claiming he was doing it for the betterment of mankind.

El and Jeanne d'Arc both waged wars against Charioce XVII on the orders of the gods. The war between the two species came to a halt when Charioce XVII's actions led to the return of Bahamut, leading the two species to work together to fight the monster off. Charioce XVII claimed to have brought Bahamut back intentionally, and once he had supposedly killed the monster, the gods ceased their war and parted ways from the humans.

Demons/Fallen Angels Edit

Humans feared the demons, with some actively ruining the lives of humans. Knights were known to fight and defend against attacking demons, occasionally with the blessing of the gods on their side.

Humans were mostly subservient to this species until Charioce XVII launched an attack on the demons' homeland Cocytus, from where he kidnapped and enslaved three tribes of demons. Resistance was said to have failed and the remaining demons fled to a wasteland, awaiting for the opportunity to fight back.

Charioce XVII believed he was doing what was best for mankind. The countless murders and abuse of the demons under his rule were regarded as a necessity in his eyes. Any and all who opposed him were hunted down relentlessly.

It wasn't until the death of El did the demons launch their counterattack, with Azazel leading the army. The battle was quite evenly matched due to the abilities of the Onyx Task Force. However, the return of Bahamut halted the conflicts, forcing the two species to work alongside the gods to defeat the monster, whose return was apparently Charioce XVII's intention all along.

After Charioce XVII seemingly killed the monster, he freed the demons under his rule from slavery by giving them a wage. Those that were not under his enslavement simply returned to their wasteland.

Humans Edit



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