Jeanne d'Arc



Kanji: ジャンヌ・ダルク
Romaji: Jan'nu Daruku
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Race: angel

Human (former) Demon (former)

Affiliations: Michael
Relatives: El/Mugaro (son)
Anime Debut: Episode 2

Virgin Soul Episode 4

Seiyuu: Han Megumi
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Jeanne d'Arc (ジャンヌ・ダルク, Jan'nu Daruku) is a knight from the Orleans Knights and is chasing Amira by Michael's order to retrieve the stolen God Key.


Jeanne d'Arc is a fairly tall, blonde woman with brown eyes and fair skin. Most of her long hair is pulled back into a tail, leaving the locks of hair on either side of her head and straight-cut bangs free. Her clothing changes several times throughout the series, but she is most frequently seen in plate-armor. The armor is white with red accents and consists of an asymmetrical breastplate, pauldrons, gauntlets, a skirt, and boots. The breastplate appears to belted into place over dark teal and brown cloth. Underneath the plating, she wears a long-sleeved top and gloves in dark red and striped maroon leggings. She carries a spear called Maltet, and a sword hangs from a sword belt at her waist.


She is a strong, fearless, and honorable warrior. Much of her emotional stability depends on the gods and her guardian angel, Michael.


Power & AbilitiesEdit

Jeanne d'Arc is a skilled knight in battle and military tactics who possesses Maltet, a holy spear from the Gods that she uses against Demons in battle.

When she was burned at the stake and thought she had been abandoned by the gods and Michael, she was temporarily transformed into a demon, gaining dark powers that vanished as soon as she received an antidote.


Maltet: A holy spear imbued with the power of the angel of war Michael. Once the spear hits the target it creates a big explosion upon impact, particularly dangerous for demons. It can also shoot several beams of holy magic towards multiple targets. After throwing it, Maltet when called by Jeanne will return to her side.

Précieuse A mystic sword of malevolence and blessedness given to Jeanne by Michael after the defeat of Pazuzu. Being an incredibly powerful sword, Précieuse is so strong that can even cut through a god or a demon quite easily, killing them.

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