Kaisar Lidfard



Kanji: カイザル・リドファルド
Romaji: Kaizaru Ridofarudo
Status: Living Dead
Age: 21-24 (Genesis)

31-34 (Virgin Soul)

Gender: Male
Race: Undead

Human (formerly)

Affiliations: Favaro Leone
Charioce XVII
Relatives: Laurus Lidfard (father)
Anime Debut: Episode 1

Virgin Soul Episode 1

Manga Debut: TWIN HEADS Chapter 1
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Kaisar Lidfard (カイザル・リドファルド, Kaizaru Ridofarudo) used to be a knight from a prestigious family, but has since become a bounty hunter. He chases Favaro, blaming him for his current status.

In Virgin Soul, he has recovered his noble title and his honor, and serves King Charioce XVII as knight captain.


Kaisar is a very tall man usually holding a knight's pose, with white pants, a green shirt with white stripes and golden buttons, and a dark green vest hung over it, and green arm covers with golden stripes on the wrists. He has his knight's sword sheathed in a navy blue sheath on his left side at all times. At times he's seen in gray knight's armor; even when he takes the armor off he keeps the leggins of the armor on him, seen by the gray armor on the front of his legs and feet.


Kaisar is a righteous man with a strong sense of honor. He constantly follow his own ideal of justice and is shown to be very empathetic and compassionate, as seen during his meeting with Rita. Because of his tragic past as a rebellious son who was distant from his family, Kaisar now highly values family and abhors other people who take their family for granted. He seems to have a crush on Amira, calling her a beauty on their first encounter.

By the time of Virgin Soul, Kaisar has become deeply loyal towards Charioce XVII and will do anything in his power to serve and protect his King, even after his King imprisons him and forces him to fight in a coliseum. His loyalty to the King runs so deep that he willingly gives up his life for Charioce XVII.



Kaisar was the young heir of the prestigious Lidfard family, a noble family of knights. From his childhood he was trained by his strict father to become one day a valorous knight like his ancestors and bring honor to the noble Lidfard family. Having rarely a moment of relax, an exhausted young Kaisar started to loath his father and often stayed away from home.

One day, when his father was tasked with guarding a tribute to the king, an incident occurred, the bandits ambushed his unit and stole the tribute. Having led the knights, Kaisar's father was held responsible for the stolen tribute, and after being publicly humiliated he was hanged in front of a shocked Kaisar. After this incident the prestigious Lidfard family was instantly stripped of its noble status and banished to the lower quarter like criminals. After they lost everything Kaisar's mother wept every day until half a year later she cast herself into a lake. Finally realizing how much he loved his family just after losing it and burning with revenge Kaisar decided that he would track down and punish the man behind the incident that ruined his family: Favaro Leone.

Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisEdit

Kaisar begins hunting down bounty hunter Favaro Leone, leading him to unwittingly become entangled in Favaro's journey with the mysterious Amira.

Kaisar decides to hunt down Favaro as a bounty hunter himself and acquires the Bounty Hunter's Bracer. His initial attempts to capture Favaro fail and he ends up knocked unconscious in the woods, where he is discovered and dragged off by a seemingly young girl named Rita. Kaisar is granted hospitality by Rita's parents and he is joyous to spend family time with them despite Rita urging him not to. When Rita's father asks for assistance in liberating the town of Nebelville from nearby monsters, Kaisar promises to do so.

To his shock and confusion, the first monster that appears suddenly takes the form of Favaro. Favaro administrates a special herb that gradually frees Kaisar of an illusion he had unknowingly fallen into, and the town that seemed fairly prosperous was revealed to be half-destroyed and filled with zombies, all controlled by Rita. Kaisar pursues Rita and witnesses her being bitten by her mother. Kaisar kills Rita's parents and mourns Rita's death. Favaro warns Kaisar that Rita will come back to life as a zombie soon. Rita does, but Kaisar chooses to spare her.

Still intent on capturing Favaro, Kaisar goes to Ysmenport and boards a ship with Rita in tow. The two soon learn that they're on a pirate ship but easily defeat the pirates intent on selling them off. Rita turns all the pirates into zombies and they chase after Favaro's ship. Kaisar tries to fight Favaro but he and Amira are suddenly captured by demons.

Kaisar finds himself a prisoner of the demons who are intent on torturing Amira for information on the God Key. Kaisar pleads for them to stop but he is ignored. When Azazel comes to talk to him, Kaisar reveals his history with Favaro. Kaisar is shocked to learn that Azazel knows about his and Favaro's fathers but he won't reveal why. Favaro eventually boards Azazel's flying castle Gregor to rescue Amira. Azazel is at a disadvantage when the Orleans Knights suddenly appear as well. Unable to take Amira with him, Azazel flees. Kaisar, Favaro, Rita and Amira are soon captured by the knights and taken to the royal castle.

Chained up and presented to the King as prisoners, Charioce XIII is about to declare a punishment for Kaisar and his companions until three archangels show up to announce the true identity of Amira: a half-angel/half-demon who has stolen the God Key and is also one part of a seal used to contain Bahamut. They warn that Amira must not go to Helheim or else risk awakening the unstoppable Bahamut. The Orleans Knights are instructed to lock Amira in a room while her companions spend quality time inside the castle.

Azazel arrives at the castle that night and confronts the gang. Kaisar is informed, to his horror, that Azazel is the demon who set up the incident that caused his family's fall from favor and that Favaro is not guilty of anything. Kaisar and Favaro fight Azazel in retaliation but prove no match. Kaisar is almost ready to give up his life to try and avenge his father but the timely arrival of Jeanne d'Arc spares him. Jeanne defeats Azazel while Favaro rescues Kaisar from a dangerous fall.

Because of their heroic attempts in defending the castle, Charioce XIII knights both Favaro and Kaisar. However, Favaro decides to leave the castle against the gods' wishes so Amira can continue her journey to find her mother. Kaisar is joined by the King's knights in hunting them down, but he and the knights get separated when he, Favaro and Amira fall into another dimension and encounter the Ancient Forest Dragon. At Amira's insistence, the Ancient Forest Dragon allows them to leave.

Kaisar decides to assist Amira and Favaro this time in reaching Nicole's location, as it is no longer Helheim as once thought and only Helheim will lead to the revival of Bahamut. Unfortunately for the trio, the place they arrive at is revealed to be false and in actuality, Helheim. The trio had been fooled by a false map. Martinet shows up and imprisons Favaro and Kaisar in crystals while Amira is informed of her true origins. Kaisar helplessly watches as Amira absorbs the Demon Key and becomes the completed key to Bahamut's seal. He also watches Martinet force feed Favaro a concoction that turns him into a demon.

Kaisar is rescued from his predicament by the timely arrival of Rita. He also meets with Azazel who agrees to work with them for the sake of saving the world. Rita hands Kaisar an antidote that will cure Favaro. The two childhood friends soon confront each other and a fight ensues. Kaisar is abruptly attacked by Lavalley during the conflict and learns that Lavalley is Martinet as well as Gilles de Rais, the true mastermind behind the revival of Bahamut. Kaisar wishes to fight Gilles but Favaro stops him. Favaro successfully cuts off Kaisar's left wrist and presents it to Gilles.

As planned, Favaro activates the Bracer and turns Gilles into a card. When Rita inquires as to when or why Favaro is human again, Kaisar reveals that in their first encounter, he had shot Favaro with the antidote using the crossbow. With Bahamut revived, Favaro and Kaisar ride on Hamsa towards the raging dragon with the intention of defeating it. Kaisar stands upon Bahamut and holds a rope so Favaro can go lower down and strike Bahamut in the right spot. When Bahamut begins to erupt, Kaisar does not wish to go anywhere until Favaro is back but Rita forces him to let go of the rope for his own safety and flees the area.

At the conclusion of the battle, Kaisar is promoted to captaincy of the Orleans Knights and has gained an artificial left hand. He is last seen joining Favaro in one journey out of the city.

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin SoulEdit

Kaisar is still the Captain of the Orleans Knights seven years after Charioce XVII was crowned king of Anatae. In the ten years that have passed since Bahamut's defeat, Kaisar has also maintained contact with Rita. Kaisar is fiercely loyal towards Charioce XVII and deems the Ragged Demon an enemy of the people.

In a confrontation with the Ragged Demon, Kaisar finds himself telling the King that co-existence between the three races is possible, but his opinion is met with disapproval and Kaisar is eventually imprisoned in the labor camp. His harsh predicament does not lead Kaisar to lose his loyalty towards the King though he confesses he has done nothing wrong.

Kaisar is reunited with Favaro and the two are shortly after rescued by Rita, who has also come to save Jeanne d'Arc and Nina. The four survive the destruction of the prison caused by Dromos being summoned. After Charioce XVII uses it to defeat the gods, the prisoners are confronted by the Onyx Knights. Kaisar offers to act as a divergence for Rita as she takes Jeanne and Nina away on Bacchus's carriage. Though Kaisar denies it, Rita assumes Kaisar is staying behind out of concern for Favaro, who has disappeared.

Lacking a sword to defend himself, Kaisar is easily arrested and forced to fight in the arena for Charioce XVII's entertainment. He is to fight Azazel and despite the demon's request that Kaisar kill him, Kaisar doesn't. The pair are saved by Favaro using a smoke bomb, and Favaro helps the pair return to the city. The trio are eventually reunited with Rita, Bacchus, Hamsa, Nina and El. In spite of what he had just endured, Kaisar's opinion of the King remains firm and loyal though he doesn't like the King's use of Dromos and considers it the source of much trouble. He agrees to partake in a plot to strip the King of the bracelet needed to operate Dromos and personally enlists the help of Dias and Alessand.

Nina, who plays a major part in the plot, is in love with the King and refuses to follow through. Her interference forces Kaisar and Favaro to flee the royal castle with her in tow as the Onyx Knights are now after them. The trio are intercepted by an assassin sent to kill Nina. Kaisar and Favaro are restrained by the Onyx Knights as Nina tries and fails to defeat the assassin, who is dragon folk.

They are saved by the timely arrival of El, who immobilizes the knights. Sofiel, who has come to retrieve El, personally slays the assassin. The gang tie up the Onyx Knights and make a run for it, but Kaisar tries to get information out of the Captain and found out what the Captain and King are planning. The Captain tells him nothing besides mocking their attempts at rebellion. Kaisar returns to the base and says goodbye to El, who intends to return to the Land of the gods.

However, El is stabbed and gradually bleeds to death despite Rita's attempts to save him. The gang mourn him, and Favaro reveals he saw Alessand near the site of the attack. This upsets Kaisar, who now feels guilty since it was he who brought Alessand within reach of El. He tries to get Azazel to calm down but to no avail, and leaves the gang to speak with Dias.

Kaisar and Dias discuss the likelihood of Charioce XVII giving out the order to Alessand personally and since they doubt the King did, they deem him guiltless in the murder. They lament however, that both Jeanne and Azazel are now amassing an army each to take revenge on Charioce XVII. Kaisar tries to talk Jeanne out of her "senseless" decision and pin the blame on him.

Kaisar's words fall on deaf ears and he and Dias go in search of Alessand in the city. They discuss how El and Nina are able to fight the Onyx Knights and deduce that the Onyx Knights are in fact weak against those with human blood. The pair successfully defend a group of demon children from the Orleans Knights. While Dias goes to find Alessand, Kaisar decides to head for the King and is assisted by Rita.

When Jeanne and Azazel prepare to assassinate Charioce XVII with a final, devastating blow, the ever-loyal Kaisar acts as a human shield and sacrifices himself for his King. In his dying breath, he informs the King that death is peaceful. Rita mourns him as she cradles his corpse. Soon after, Bahamut arrives as per Charioce XVII's expectations.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Rita revives Kaisar through a bite. Kaisar returns as a sentient zombie and watches Favaro leave on another journey.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Coming form a prestigious family of knights Kaisar is a skilled swordsman who practiced swordsmanship from very young age. His slashes are quick and precise making him particularly dangerous towards his foes.


  • Azazel: Kaisar became aware of the existence of Azazel after the demon had captured him and Amira in order to deliver the latter to Cocytus. The two became instant enemies but Kaisar came to despise Azazel truly after Azazel revealed his part in the incident that got Kaisar's father executed. Kaisar blamed Azazel for his father's death, but agreed to work with the demon during Bahamut's revival. The two became proper enemies again when Azazel started trying to free demon slaves from Charioce XVII's rule. Kaisar's opinion of Azazel never improved despite the cruelty Charioce XVII subjected upon both of them and when El, Azazel's friend and ward, was killed on the King's orders, Kaisar considered Azazel's desire for revenge "misguided". Azazel unintentionally killed Kaisar when Kaisar took a hit intended for the King.
  • Charioce XVII: As a knight serving under King Charioce XVII, Kaisar was determined to remain loyal and protect Charioce XVII through thick and thin despite the cruelty inflicted upon the world by Charioce XVII himself. Kaisar regarded, quite unfairly, every enemy of the King as a bad person. He never blamed the King for anything despite the King subjecting him to imprisonment, labor, and fights that served simply to entertain others. He did not blame El's death on Charioce XVII either, despite Charioce XVII spending two years actively hunting down the boy. Kaisar chose instead to mark those who wanted revenge as misguided and willingly gave his life to defend the King from these "misguided" individuals. For only a brief moment, he felt the King's treatment of enslaved demons cruel, but only for a moment.
  • Favaro Leone: Kaisar's childhood friend. The two became enemies after an incident involving their fathers led Kaisar's father to being executed. Kaisar blamed his subsequent hard life on Favaro and made it his mission to capture Favaro and use the bounty reward to restore his family's honor. Kaisar gave up this ambition once he learned that the demon Azazel was behind the entire incident itself. This discovery allowed Kaisar to be friends with Favaro again and work with him in saving the world from Bahamut. The two remained on good terms ten years later though Kaisar spent more time with his fellow knights than he did with Favaro.
  • Jeanne d'Arc: Kaisar formally became acquaintances with Jeanne after the defeat of Bahamut. Kaisar took on Jeanne's role as Captain of the Orleans Knights but treated her with respect and became best friends with her. When Jeanne was banished from the royal castle by Charioce XVII, Kaisar was not pleased but unlike Jeanne, Kaisar believed in serving one's King to the very end. Because of their conflicting beliefs surrounding Charioce XVII, their friendship became strained as Kaisar did the best he could to stop Jeanne from hurting Charioce and went as far as to give up his life to protect the King from Jeanne's wrath.



  • Bacchus calls Kaisar "Hammer Head" because of his hairstyle.
  • Being all that remained of his family's fortune, Kaisar deeply cares for his female white horse named "Barina Chall Lidfard".


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