Laurus Lidfard
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relatives: Kaisar Lidfard (son)
Anime Debut: Episode 3
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Laurus Lidfard was the father of Kaisar and from the prestigious knights family Lidfard. He was tasked with guarding a tribute to the king, but when he failed he was hanged publicly.




Laurus guarded gems on the king's orders. These gems were stolen by Barossa Leone. The theft led to Laurus' execution and a breaking up between their children, who had been friends until then. The gems' power summoned a demon who then killed Barossa and Barossa's men, sparing only Amon.

Because of Laurus' failure, his family lost their noble status. Laurus' wife became so grief stricken that she committed suicide a year later. Kaisar himself became vengeful and sought to restore the family's honor and punish the man responsible: his former childhood friend Favaro Leone.

Both Kaisar and Favaro would discover the truth however, that the demon summoned had orchestrated the entire event for his own amusement. Amon himself, wanting to become a demon, also betrayed Barossa at the demon's behest.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


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