Kanji: ラヴァレイ
Romaji: Ravarei
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relatives: Martinet (Demon form)
Anime Debut: Episode 2
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Lavalley (ラヴァレイ, Ravarei) was a knight from the Orleans Knights. It is later revealed that he is also Martinet and his real name is Gilles de Rais (ジル・ド・レ, Jiru de Re), a gruesome sorcerer, who tricked angels, demons and humans to revive Bahamut.


Lavalley is a tall man with dark skin, a black shirt, and a vest covering it which is a combination of maroon and brown, black pants, and tan leggings covering most of his legs and all of his feet.  He has long, brown hair with a wide-looking mullet in the back, red eyes, and a small mustache.  


Lavalley publicly displays a loyal, obedient and determined persona, as well as a compassionate side while in the presence of Amira. When Bahamut's seal is broken, Lavalley reveals a more twisted personality and takes pleasure in backstabbing Kaisar Lidfard, who had come to trust Lavalley. He reveals his love for destruction and causing grief among others.


Lavalley serves the Orleans Knights alongside Jeanne d'Arc and Gaurin. He joins his fellow knights in the task of retrieving the stolen God Key. Lavalley approaches Amira in secret to inform her that he is her father, which drives Amira to find a way to speak with him again.

After Amira is imprisoned inside the royal castle, Lavalley pays her a visit and admits that he is not her father, but a knight who once served her mother, Nicole. Lavalley explains his former task as a protector of Nicole and Nicole's baby. Despite the relentless attack by demons, the knights were satisfied with their duty, until a demon defeated them and took Amira away.

Nicole decided to travel alone to retrieve her child, and since then her whereabouts have been unknown. Lavalley reveals that a pendant he received from Nicole told him that Amira was Nicole's child. Using his and Amira's matching pendants, Lavalley is able to summon a map that reveals the "true" location of Nicole, a land called Prudisia. Lavalley tells Amira that Nicole possessed a rare power which might help free Amira from the God Key she had stolen.

Later on, during the battle against Bahamut, Lavalley reappears to talk to Kaisar. He praises the young knight for his efforts and encourages him to keep fighting, but Kaisar is caught unaware when Lavalley tries to kill him. Lavalley then reveals himself as Martinet, a demon who had been manipulating Amira this entire time.

Kaisar is badly wounded and is confronted by Favaro Leone, whom Martinet had transformed into a demon. After cutting off Kaisar's wrist, Favaro turns on Lavalley and uses the Bounty Hunter's Bracer from Kaisar's wrist to turn Lavalley into a small, square stone card. The card depicts Lavalley's horrified expression. Favaro intends to use this stone to collect the bounty on Lavalley (aka Gilles de Rais's) head.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

As a knight, Lavalley was capable with a sword and fought bravely under the orders of Jeanne d'Arc. He claimed to have fought bravely against hordes of demons while under the service of Nicole. Lavalley also knew a few spells and magic tricks.

Once he revealed himself to be Martinet and Gilles de Rais, Lavalley proves to possess the ability to create a potion that turns humans into demons. His skills were not so advanced that Rita could not come up with a counter potion.


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