Kanji: ラヴァレイ
Romaji: Ravarei
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliations: Jeanne d'Arc
Anime Debut: Episode 2
Seiyuu: Hirata Hiroaki
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Lavalley (ラヴァレイ, Ravarei) was a knight from the Orleans Knights. He was chasing Amira in order to retrieve the stolen God Key. It's later revealed that he is also Martinet and his real name is Gilles de Rais (ジル・ド・レ, Jiru de Re), a gruesome sorcerer, who tricked both Angels and Demons to revive Bahamut.


Lavalley is a tall man with dark skin, a black shirt, and a vest covering it which is a combination of maroon and brown, black pants, and tan leggins covering most of his legs and all of his feet.  He has long, brown hair with a wide-looking mullet in the back, red eyes, and a small mustache.  



Power & AbilitiesEdit


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