Kanji: ルシフェル
Romaji: Rushiferu
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Angel (formerly)
Relatives: Azazel (his subordinate)
Anime Debut: Episode 8

Virgin Soul Episode 15

Seiyuu: Sakurai Takahiro
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Lucifer (ルシフェル, Rushiferu) is a very powerful demon and the highest ranking Fallen Angel.


His appearance is very impressive and bears traits of his former heritage in form of light from him emanating. He is a former Seraphim, and therefore bears three pairs of wings, one of which is darkened. Dressed in decorative golden armor with partially exposed chest, golden boots and skirt-like cloth wrapped around his waist. His hair is silver, but his complexion is not as pale as Azazel's, with orange lips and eye shadow. His head adorned with a pair of bull-like horns.


Lucifer has a very calm and composed demeanor. Exhibiting patience and caution, he prefers thought-out plans over reckless actions. Usually taking the role of an observer, he avoids involving himself in the affairs of the world unless absolutely necessary. He only speaks to others when necessary, and often secludes in his room, where he spends his time reading. The only time he is seen voluntarily leaving his room is during Bahamut's revival, and that is only because he was worried about Azazel, implying that he does care about his brother.


Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

When the God Key is stolen by Amira, Lucifer sends Azazel off to find her and figure out who she is working for. After Azazel fails his mission, he is unable to contact Lucifer. It is very likely that Martinet interfered to prevent Azazel from informing Lucifer of Belzebuth's betrayal, and that Lucifer was unaware that Azazel was trying to contact him.

Later, Belzebuth meets with Lucifer and comments on Azazel's failure, to which Lucifer nonchalantly states that he'll send someone else to finish his job. Belzebuth insists that there is no need, and that he will handle everything. When Belzebuth makes a speech, Lucifer watches on and wonders what exactly the demon is scheming. After Bahamut's revival, Lucifer comes to assist in sealing it. It is revealed that he didn't come for the purpose of helping them save the world, but to save Azazel. After Bahamut explodes, and Azazel saves Favaro, the two fallen angels go off together.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Lucifer survived the fall of Cocytus, and is living in safety with other demons, all of whom are waiting to make their move. He believes that mankind's power won't last forever and states that the demons should remain patient if they don't want to face the same fate as the gods. Along with observing the events that have been taking place, he has been trying to discern the wherabouts of Azazel, as the two have lost contact when he ran off to Anatae on his own.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The name Lucifer comes from Latin Vulgate "Lux Ferre", meaning "the bringer of light" or "the Lightbringer. His original Hebrew name, Helel ben Shahar (Hebrew for "the Son of Dawn", "the Shining One", "the Morning Star") is used only once in entire Old Testament.


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