Kanji: マルチネ
Romaji: Maruchine
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Affiliations: Amira

Belzebuth (feigned)

Relatives: Gilles de Rais (Human form)
Anime Debut: Episode 6
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Martinet (マルチネ, Maruchine) is a demon, who was Amira's teacher. He gave Amira her pendant and guided her to find her mother. It is revealed later on that he was Lavalley in disguise.


He has pale skin and has tattoos all on his arm, leg, and chest. He has black hair, black lips, and around his eyes are black circles and on the bottom of his left eye is a tattoo of a teardrop. He has on two black gloves as well. He wears a white and red robe with grey buttons and white boots with black buttons. On the top of his head, his hair forms demon horns and has a black choke collar around his neck. Also has black nails.


Martinet is a sadistic demon who delighted in torturing others and watching them suffer. He enjoyed taunting others and encouraging them to act out on their desires knowing it would only backfire and lead to suffering.

He also considers the end of the world to be a marvelous event worth savoring.


Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisEdit

Martinet convinced his superior Belzebuth to bring about Bahamut's revival, making him believe that if the bearer of the God and Demon Keys was made from Belzebuth's essence, Belzebuth would be able to control Bahamut itself.

To this end, Belzebuth created Amira. Martinet personally took care of and watched over Amira, becoming her teacher in preparation for her mission. He gave Amira a pendant that inserted false memories into her and allowed him - as Lavalley - to manipulate her actions. After five years, Amira set about on her mission to retrieve the God Key and find her missing mother Nicole in Helheim.

When Azazel discovered Belzebuth's ties to Amira due to recognizing Belzebuth's magical enchantment placed upon Amira, Martinet rushed to Cocytus to intercept Azazel's attempts to report his findings to Lucifer. With Cerberus on his side, Martinet was able to talk Azazel into thinking he didn't deserve to speak with Lucifer unless he had Amira/God Key with him. An infuriated Azazel promptly left Cocytus.

At the royal castle, Martinet poisoned Charioce XIII's wine in order to induce hallucinations that would drive the King to turn against Jeanne d'Arc. Charioce XIII's paranoia drove him to have Jeanne burnt at the stake. Martinet used the time Jeanne was in prison and being burnt to convince her to turn against the gods. He offered her a chance to "see the truth" behind the gods through his concoction.

When Amira and her friends finally reached Nicole's location, Martinet was the one to reveal the truth to Amira: Amira was created from the essence of Nicole and Belzebuth, therefore the latter was her true birth parent, and that all her memories of her childhood with a loving mother were false. Martinet then encouraged Amira to try and converse with Nicole, and Amira did, causing the God and Demon Keys to finally reunite inside her.

As Bahamut made its return, Martinet force-fed Favaro one of his concoctions, turning Favaro into a demon. Having turned Jeanne d'Arc into a demon as well after making her lose faith in the gods, both Jeanne and Favaro assisted Martinet in allowing the return of Bahamut. Jeanne cut down three archangels while Favaro fought against his own friends.

When Kaisar was alone, Martinet took on the form of Lavalley to manipulate Kaisar and backstab him before revealing his own identity. Martinet also made quick work of Bacchus. Because of the many times he's consumed his own concoctions, Lavalley's form switches between Martinet, Kaisar and Lavalley at random.

Martinet is defeated when Favaro uses the Bounty Hunter's Bracer on him.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Martinet can create a concoction that turns ordinary human beings into demons, such as himself. He administrated this to Favaro and Jeanne, making them increasingly more powerful and loyal only to him. Unfortunately for himself, Rita was able to make an antidote.

Martinet wielded a knife of his own. He is presumably gifted with using it.

  • Ice - Martinet could form ice and used it to immobilize others. He froze Azazel's arm and encased Nicole in an entire block of ice.


  • The demon Grigori was originally intended to have Martinet's role, but Grigori's physical resemblance to Azazel and Lucifer drove the producers to scrap Grigori and create Martinet instead.


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