Kanji: マルチネ
Romaji: Maruchine
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Affiliations: Amira
Anime Debut: Episode 6
Seiyuu: Tsuda Kenjirou
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Martinet (マルチネ, Maruchine) is a demon, who was Amira's teacher. He gave Amira's pendant and guided her to find her mother. It's revealed later that he was Lavalley in disguise.


He has pale skin and has tattoos all on his arm, leg, and chest. He has black hair, black lips, and around his eyes are black circles and on the bottom of his left eye is a tattoo of a teardrop. He has on two black gloves as well. He wears a white and red robe with grey buttons and white boots with black buttons. On the top of his head, his hair forms demon horns and has a black choke collar around his neck. Also has black nails.



Power & AbilitiesEdit

He can shift shape into any person he wishes to be.


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