Kanji: ミカエル
Romaji: Mikaeru
Also known as: Angel of War[1]
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Affiliations: Jeanne d'Arc
Relatives: El/Mugaro (son)
Anime Debut: Episode 2
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Michael (ミカエル, Mikaeru) is the angel that cut Amira's wing when she stole the God Key and the one who sent Jeanne d'Arc to search for her.


Michael is a blond-haired angel with heterochromatic eyes. His bangs cover the left side of his face. His hair reaches around his mid-back. He wears dark pink earrings. He has a headpiece that sits on the back of his head. His outfit consists of white gloves and boots, a blue vest, a black and gold collar, frilly shorts and a belt that holds a skirt around his waist.

Michael's wings curve from his lower back towards the front in an arch.


Michael is a calm and serious angel who always remains unperturbed, even when the situation is critical. Unlike his comrades, he is shown to have great faith in humanity, especially his champion Jeanne d'Arc, and has repeatedly acknowledged their warrior spirit. He also believes that much of the conflict in the world is the result of a lack of communication between the gods and the humans.


Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis

Michael was among the angels who confronted Amira after she stole and absorbed the God Key. Ambushing her after Amira had been knocked down, Michael struck Amira with his sword and sliced off her right wing. The blow was powerful enough to knock the young demon-angel hybrid out of the holy land and the great angel attempted to pursue her. He was caught off guard when Belzebuth's protective enchantments kicked in and though he was able to easily destroy the astral projection, Michael lost track of Amira. He immediately ordered Jeanne d'Arc and the Orleans Knights to find the thief, aware that this event could cause Bahamut's revival. When the dragon's awakening started to have a negative effect on the realm of gods, Michael came to the defense of several smaller angels and halted the tremors with his powers.[2]

Following Amira's capture by his chosen, the execution of Amira and her friends by King Charioce XIII was halted by Michael when he arrived at the palace, accompanied by Uriel and Raphael. After showing the humans that Bahamut was reviving, he ordered them to take proper care of Amira and protect her from the demons. He forbid the king from executing Favaro, Rita, and Kaiser as well. When the demons attacked the royal castle, Michael lent Jeanne some of his power on two separate occasions, the first being to kill Pazuzu and the second to drive off Azazel. The next day, during the knighting ceremony of Favaro and Kaiser, Michael paid the humans an unannounced visit, granting Jeanne d'Arc a powerful sword for her services.

Michael joins Uriel and Raphael in holding Bahamut's seal[3]. He is shocked when Jeanne arrives at the scene as a demon and uses the very sword he gave her to kill Uriel and Raphael. When Jeanne charges at Michael, Michael is forced to abandon Bahamut's seal and try to escape. Jeanne is sidetracked by the presence of Bacchus and goes to attack him instead. During the fight, Michael retrieves Rita's antidote and then destroys Jeanne's flying demon. He force-feeds the antidote to Jeanne through a kiss...but not before Jeanne fatally stabs him. Michael embraces Jeanne as he falls to the surface. In his final moments, he promises Jeanne that his spirit will always be with her.

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul

Three years after the war with Bahamut, Charioce XVII is crowned King of Anatae and, not in favor of the gods, begins destroying temples meant to worship them. Due to her dislike in the King's actions, Jeanne d'Arc gets banished from the Orleans Knights and forced to reside on her own in the outskirts of the city.

One night, while Jeanne is praying to a portrait of Michael, her stomach begins to swell painfully and a child is born.[4] Jeanne believes this child is a gift from Michael, and names her newborn son "El". Because El was born with unique powers, he becomes a target of Charioce XVII and the gods, the latter wanting to use him in their war against Charioce XVII.

Michael is noted as being El's father by a few characters, and both Jeanne and Bacchus believe Michael wants Jeanne to live happily with her son. He is remembered by Jeanne as one of the gods she had regretfully murdered. Jeanne continues to pray to him and believes he is always watching over her and El.[5]

Powers & Abilities

Michael seems to be formidable opponent, as he was able to cut Amira's wing with his sword effortlessly and send her flying through a rock wall with the same strike. While initially caught off guard by Belzebuth's protections placed upon Amira, Michael proved victorious without difficulty. Michael has further demonstrated knowledge with holy magic and is able to lend Jeanne d'Arc some of his power thanks to her spear Maltet.

Unlike fellow archangels Raphael and Uriel, Michael was able to survive being stabbed with the Précieuse long enough to turn Jeanne back into a human and say goodbye to her.


  • El: As his physical form was fading, Michael promised Jeanne d'Arc that "his spirit would always be with her." This promise manifested as a child born from Jeanne's womb, a child Jeanne named "El." The purpose of El's birth was never made clear and El came to believe that he was born to save the world, a belief implanted in him by Gabriel. Bacchus and Jeanne are certain that El was born as a gift from Michael to Jeanne in order to keep Jeanne company, although El still felt his war with the humans needed to come first. He fulfilled neither purpose thanks to Alessand Visponti fatally stabbing him. El died in a similar fashion to Michael, his life fading away right before Jeanne's eyes.
  • Jeanne d'Arc: Michael had chosen Jeanne, a simple farm girl, to be a vessel for the gods, and granted her the divine spear Maltet so she may serve the gods successfully. Michael trusted Jeanne deeply and often relied on her when situations became troublesome on the surface. When Jeanne d'Arc succeeded in defending the castle against Azazel and Pazuzu, Michael gifted her with the Précieuse as a reward. This decision would be his undoing as he failed to properly reward Charioce XIII for his loyalty. Distracted by the necessary task of preventing the seals holding Bahamut from reuniting, Michael was oblivious to Jeanne's situation as Charioce XIII, driven by paranoia and jealousy, had Jeanne burnt at the stake. Michael's inability to rescue her led Jeanne to believe the gods had forsaken her. She chose to become a demon and hunted down Michael, Uriel and Raphael, killing the latter two before charging at Michael. Jeanne would successfully impale Michael with the Précieuse, right before Michael fed her the antidote for her transformation through a kiss. Michael held onto Jeanne as his body faded away. He did not blame her for what she had done and promised her that his spirit would always be with her.
  • Uriel and Raphael: Michael was a companion and a fellow archangel to Uriel and Raphael. They did not see eye-to-eye when it came to the humans as Michael favored them while the other two did not. The three of them served directly under Gabriel and each followed her commands dutifully. The three of them approached Charioce XIII when Charioce XIII's knights had captured Amira to warm him of the threat of Bahamut. Michael however, chose to make a personal visit to the King and award his own champion Jeanne with the Précieuse, a decision that would result in his, Uriel and Raphael's deaths. He, Uriel and Raphael worked together to hold Bahamut's seal, and it was Michael who encouraged the other two not to give up. He was forced to watch when Jeanne, in the form of a vengeful demon, attacked and killed Uriel and Raphael using the Précieuse. Michael was visibly upset.


You must make haste, maiden of Orleans, recipient of my light.
Always know this: though my physical vessel my cease to be, my spirit is always with you...

In Lore

The meaning of Michael's name is a rhetorical question meant to glorify God's characteristics, "Who is like a God?" He is also the one who was said to strike down Lucifer into Hell.


  • Michael is the only male archangel featured in the series.
  • Michael is the second angel to have a child, the first being Nicole.


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