Nina Drango
Kanji: ニーナ・ドランゴ
Romaji: Nīna Dorango
Status: Alive
Age: 16 (Virgin Soul Episode 1)

17 (Virgin Soul Episode 9)

Gender: Female
Race: Dragon Folk (Half-Human/Half-Dragon)
Affiliations: Favaro Leone (former master)
Charioce XVII (romantic interest)
Relatives: Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 1
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Nina Drango (ニーナ・ドランゴ, Nīna Dorango) is a bounty hunter who has come to the Royal Capital of Anatae to make a living. The citizens of the capital love her happy-go-lucky personality.

She is the protagonist of Virgin Soul.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Nina is a 17 year old girl of average height with vermilion eyes and short pink hair that she cuts asymmetrically. She is fair skinned with a slender build.

Personality Edit

Nina has a cheerful and optimistic personality, even in grim situations she maintains this personality. Nina is a hard worker and is always happy to help others, although she can be quite dense at times. However, she is a brave person and isn't afraid of powerful people such as the king.

A major part of Nina's personality is her reaction around handsome men. Whenever she sees a handsome man, Nina's heart begins to race causing her not only to fluster but also turn her into a rampaging dragon. According to her mother, Nina's transformation is triggered because she is reminded of the death of her father and goes on a rampage as if to avoid painful memories.



Nina was born to a dragon father and a human mother. The family resided peacefully in a village full of dragon folk, until Bahamut's revival, during which the dragon unleashed fire blasts and one destroyed Nina's village, killing Nina's father.

Nina was left traumatized by the experience and could not control her dragon transformation as a result. Her mother instructed her to avoid triggers which were handsome young men. At some point, Nina met Favaro Leone and begged to become his apprentice so she could become a bounty hunter and make money.

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin SoulEdit


  • King Charioce XVII/Chris: Anti-villain and main love interest. They have pure feelings for each other despite being opponents. Charioce is the first man Nina has ever been close to and felt safe with him, she feels as if she was born to dance with him. Their relationship gets more complicated throughout the series as they serve different purposes and she finds out that "Chris" the man who she fell for, is actually King Charioce XVII whom she hated. They kissed in episode 17 and as result Nina learned how to transform to a dragon at will. Nina said the reason she learned how to control her transformation was because she finally knew what it feels like to be loved.
  • Favaro Leone: He is Nina's former master, she met him in her village and asked him to let her become his apprentice. She wanted him to teach her how to become a bounty hunter to gain cash for her mother. They are very fond of each other and Favaro can be seen as a father figure and protector to Nina as he doesn't let anyone hurt her or make her cry. Whenever she is sad or depressed, he would check up on her without her knowledge to make sure she is fine.
  • Azazel: He was the first character to be seen in the series to have caused Nina to turn into a dragon. Azazel knows Nina's potential strength and seeks to use her dragon form without her consent to defeat the king's forces. Nina has grown to show concern over Azazel even to the point of turning into a dragon to rescue him which she later reveals to him is the secret to make her transform.
  • Bacchus: They have a father and daughter relationship where he often shows concern for Nina's well being.
  • Hamsa: Nina's and Hamsa have almost a business-partner like relationship. In order to raise money to feed Nina's massive appetite, Hamsa will often lead the money raising ploys while Nina does the grunt work in which she enjoys.
  • Rita: Being much older than Nina, Rita treats her like a sister or a mother to an extent.
  • El/Mugaro: Nina and Mugaro share a genuine friendship. She quickly becomes friends with him and even takes him out to see the capital. Later on, Nina starts to care for his well-being.
  • Jeanne d'Arc: Having met Nina in prison they quickly become friends. Nina saves Jeanne's life by escaping from prison and protecting her from Charioce's army before fleeing to dragon village. With the help of Nina's grandmother, they go to the land of the gods where she is reunited with her son El/Mugaro. She acts like an older sister or a mother figure to Nina.
  • Kaisar Lidfard: She met Kaisar for the first time when she was chasing the Rag Demon and gets flustered around him. They do not interact much but consider themselves allies because they are from the same crew and serve the same goal.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

  • Super-Human Strength: Because of Nina's dragon lineage, she can lift objects far larger and heavier than her size and weight, single handedly carrying blocks of concrete and piles of lumber with little to no effort. She can also cut boulders in half with a single chop and knock down enormous trees with a quick push.
  • Fast Sprinting: Nina can run long distances with immense speed also possibly due to her dragon bloodline.
  • Red Dragon Shifting: Due to her lineage, Nina is able to morph into a remarkably powerful Red Dragon of a highly destructive nature. She emits a red light prior to her transformation. Azazel describes her dragon form as a "small Bahamut". She can successfully break from the spells of the Onyx soldiers. Previously, Nina could only shift in the presence of handsome young men (who make her extremely nervous and blush uncontrollably). Upon meeting "Chris", no other man could make her heart race, hence, making her dragon form even more difficult to awaken. She also is unable to recall the events that transpired while in her dragon form. Nina gains the ability to transform at will after kissing Charioce XVII for the first time.

Equipment Edit

  • Whip: Nina's weapon of choice as a bounty hunter. A brown average-length whip with a wrapped handle.
  • Bounty Hunter's Bracer: A parting gift from her master Favaro, said to be the mark of a bounty hunter. However, Bacchus tells her that the bracer is a fake.


  • Virgin soul refers to Nina Drango and Charioce XVII/Chris.
  • The name Nina comes from the Spanish word for "little girl". It also means "Dreamer" in Slavic languages.
  • In a interview with screenplay writer Oishiki Shizen, describes Nina as " A compassionate girl who is seeking peace".



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