Onyx Task Force Captain
Onyx Task Force Captain
Kanji: 漆黒兵隊長
Romaji: Shikkoku-hei Taichō
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliations: Charioce XVII
Occupation: Captain of the Onyx Task Force
Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 2
Seiyuu: Hiroshi Shirokuma
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The Onyx Task Force Captain (漆黒兵隊長, Shikkoku-hei Taichō) is the leader of the Onyx Task Force.


As a royal steward, the Captain wore fine clothing and had slicked back brown hair. For most of his appearances, the Captain's hair was grey and he was recognizable by the black markings around his eyes. At the time of his death, the Captain's tan skin had turned dark and veins had spread all throughout.


The Captain is extremely loyal to Charioce XVII and views Charioce as an honorable and brave king worth dying for. His loyalty extends to the point where he'll even make sure no one interrupts the king's grand mission and will ask the king permission to deal with distractions, such as the "Red Dragon".



Little is known about the Onyx Task Force Captain, not even his name is ever mentioned. What is known is that he started out as a steward of the royal family. This man discovered Martinet's secret room while the castle was being renovated. With the help of royal scientists, this man studied the knowledge hidden there, which led to the discovery of Dromos and the impending return of Bahamut.[1]

When Charioce XVII took the crown, the steward swore his loyalty to the new king and was appointed as captain of the Onyx Task Force. Armed with the knowledge that his king planned to defeat Bahamut, the Captain set out to ensure his king succeeded. He took part in the raiding of temples, presumably took part in the destruction of Cocytus, and hunted down and killed various gods.

While pursuing the angel Sofiel, the Captain's men discovered Jeanne d'Arc had birthed a half-human child who possesses the ability to strip power away from the green stones used to grant the Onyx Task Force their god-slaying abilities. Fearing for their safety, the Onyx Task Force hunt down Jeanne and her child, but after surrounding them within the city, the Onyx Task Force successfully capture only Jeanne.

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin SoulEdit

After the Orleans Knights fail to capture the renowned "Ragged Demon", Charioce XVII re-assigns the task to the Onyx Task Force. The Captain leads his men into cornering the Ragged Demon that very night. They succeed in restraining the Ragged Demon and the Captain intends to remove the rags concealing the demon's identity.

The Onyx Task Force are interrupted by the sudden arrival of a child. This child emits a bright light that disables the Onyx Task Force's green stones, causing everyone - including the Captain - to collapse onto their knees. The child proceeds to take the Ragged Demon away to safety.[2]

The Captain reports the incident to Charioce XVII and both deduce that this is the same child they lost track of two years ago. Charioce XVII instructs the Onyx Knights to continue hunting down the Ragged Demon as it would surely lead them to the child.

Charioce XVII sets up a trap for the Ragged Demon using demon hostages. In the ensuing fight, the Ragged Demon's identity is revealed to be Azazel, a demon who works in the funeral home. The Onyx Knights fail to kill him due to the arrival of the "Red Dragon", who is able to resist the power of the green stones and defeat the Onyx Knights themselves. The Red Dragon disappears soon after.

A few suspicious individuals suspected to be gods appear in the city. The Captain asks that they should do about it. Charioce XVII chooses to leave them for now. When the Captain and his men gang up on Azazel during a parade, they are rendered unable to move by the child once more. However, the gods appear and kidnap the child, allowing the Onyx Knights to arrest Azazel. A girl named Nina, revealed to be the red dragon, is also arrested.

During Charioce XVII's war with the gods, the Captain and his men try to recapture prisoners who have escaped the destruction of the labor camp. One of the prisoners is Nina, who transforms and defeats the Onyx Knights. All but one of the prisoners escape thanks to Nina's efforts.

The Captain notes however, that Charioce XVII is becoming distracted from his mission by Nina herself. Believing Nina to be intentionally seducing the king, the Captain requests the king to put out a hit on Nina. Once the King does, the Captain hires an assassin - who is also dragon folk like Nina - to fulfill the task. When Nina herself infiltrates the palace to dance with the king, the Captain chases her down along with her two friends.

The assassin confronts Nina at the docks while the Onyx Knights restrain Favaro and Kaisar. After the assassin defeats Nina, the Captain informs her that the king had ordered for her death much to Nina's disbelief. Before the Captain can personally kill Nina, Favaro breaks free from the knights and attacks them. The Holy Child, the very child who is able to disable the green stones, also appears and forces the knights to their knees using his powers. The assassin is also slain by the god Sofiel.

Nina's friends tie up the Onyx Knights and make a run for it. Kaisar however, tries to get some answers out of the Captain concerning the King's motives, but the Captain only tells him that their attempts at the rebellion will all be futile. Once the Onyx Knights return to the castle, they tell Charioce XVII that the Red Dragon has in fact been killed, a lie the King does not see through.

Some time prior to this, the Captain had denied Alessand Visponti the right to join the Onyx Task Force, claiming him to be unfit. This drove Alessand to find a way to prove himself. When the Captain meets Alessand again, Alessand reveals a bloodied dagger and admits to killing the Holy Child. In response, the Captain takes Alessand to the infirmary where many of the Onyx Knights members are being treated.

The Captain reveals to a bewildered Alessand that the cost of becoming an Onyx Knight is one's own life, as the green stones drain their life force in order to grant them their abilities. Alessand backs down from his desire to join, so the Captain gives him the position of Captain of the Orleans Knights instead, which was formerly held by Kaisar.

When Jeanne d'Arc and Azazel declare war on Charioce XVII, the Captain leads his men in focusing their energy on Jeanne, claiming she is the real target. When Charioce XVII arrives at the battlefield, the Captain unleashes a war cry to cheer for his king despite his body suffering from the effects of the green stone.

The Captain ends up fighting Azazel and Jeanne but proves no match as his own body continues to deteriorate. He does manage to disarm Jeanne and grab hold of her, but he dies before he can do anything.[3] To his fortune however, Charioce XVII fulfills his mission and attacks Bahamut using Dromos. He is subsequently declared a hero though only Favaro Leone is aware that Bahamut is not dead yet.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

The Captain is a formidable man who does not fear death and is willing to confront gods and demons in order to further his king's ambitions.

  • Green Stone - The Captain has imbued a magical green stone into his chest that grants him power.
    • Enhanced Speed, Stamina, and Strength - The Captain's overall capabilities are increased, making him the equivalent of a super human.
    • Resistance to Gods and Demons - The Captain is unaffected by magical spells cast by gods or demons. He can restrain both using minimal effort.


Like all beings, the Captain possesses a range of weaknesses.

  • Green Stone - The very object that makes the Captain so formidable is constantly draining his life force, causing him to cough up black tar and suffer severe pain near the end of his life. He was in fact killed by the green stone.
    • Hybrids - The Captain is powerless against hybrids, whose power triumphs that of the green stones.


  • The Captain is the only member of the Onyx Task Force to be given a proper identity.


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