Onyx Task Force Captain
Onyx Task Force Captain
Kanji: 漆黒兵隊長
Romaji: Shikkoku-hei Taichō
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Anime Debut: Virgin Soul Episode 2
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The Onyx Task Force Captain (漆黒兵隊長, Shikkoku-hei Taichō) is the leader of the Onyx Task Force.



He has sworn to serve Charioce XVII and is willing to pursue any means necessary to further his mission.


Little is known about the Onyx Task Force Captain, not even his name is ever mentioned. What is known is that he started out as a steward of the royal family and when he discovered Martinet's secret room, he studied the knowledge hidden there with the help of royal scientists. Their work led to the discovery of Dromos and the impending return of Bahamut.

When Charioce XVII takes the crown, the steward swears his loyalty to the new King and is appointed as captain of the Onyx Task Force. Armed with the knowledge that his King plans to defeat Bahamut, the Captain sets out to ensure the King succeeds. He begins raiding temples, presumably took part in the destruction of Cocytus, and proceeds with hunting down and slaying gods.

While pursuing the angel Sofiel, the Captain's men discover that Jeanne d'Arc has birthed a half-human child who has the ability to strip power away from the green stones used to grant the Onyx Task Force their god-slaying abilities. Fearing for their safety, the Onyx Task Force hunt down Jeanne and her child, but after surrounding them within the city, the Onyx Task Force successfully capture only Jeanne.

While the search of Jeanne's son continues, the Onyx Task Force continue to hunt down other gods as well as destroy their temples and ending all worship of them in Anatae.

The Captain notes however, that Charioce XVII is becoming distracted by the existence of a half-dragon named Nina Drango. Afraid the King is losing sight of his grand mission, the Captain talks Charioce XVII into giving out an order to kill Nina. Once the King does, the Captain sends an assassin to fulfill the task. However, the assassin is slain by Sofiel and Nina survives, but the Captain hides this fact and lies to Charioce XVII that the "Red Dragon" is dead.

Some time prior to this, the Captain denied Alessand Visponti the right to join the Onyx Task Force, claiming him to be unfit. This drove Alessand to find a way to prove himself. When the Captain met Alessand again, Alessand reveals a bloodied dagger and admits to killing Jeanne's son, El. The Captain acknowledges this and takes Alessand to the infirmary where many of the Onyx Task Force members are being treated.

The Captain reveals to a bewildered Alessand that the cost of becoming an Onyx Knight is one's own life, as the green stones drain their life force in order to grant them their abilities. Alessand backs down from his desire to join, so the Captain gives him the position of Captain of the Orleans Knights instead, which was formerly held by Kaisar Lidfard.

When Jeanne d'Arc and Azazel declare war on Charioce XVII, the Captain leads his men in focusing their energy on Jeanne, claiming she is the real target. When Charioce XVII arrives at the battlefield, the Captain unleashes a war cry to cheer for his King despite his body suffering from the effects of the green stone.

The Captain ends up fighting Azazel one on one but proves no match as his own body continues to deteriorate. To his fortune however, Charioce XVII fulfills his mission and attacks Bahamut using Dromos. He is subsequently declared a hero though only Favaro Leone is aware that Bahamut is not dead yet.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

The Captain is a formidable man who does not fear death and is willing to confront gods and demons in order to further his King's ambitions. Empowered by the green stone, the Captain possesses increased strength, speed and stamina.

Because of the green stone, the Captain does not have long to live and will gradually die due to the loss of life force. The pain of dying does not weaken his resolve or deter him from his mission, making him a dangerous opponent.

The Captain is able to summon a blade to use in direct combat.


  • The Captain is the only member of the Onyx Task Force to be given a proper identity.


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