Kanji: パズズ
Romaji: Pazuzu
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Affiliations: Azazel
Anime Debut: Episode 2
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Pazuzu (パズズ, Pazuzu) is a demon that accompanies Azazel on his quest to find out who is behind the theft of the God Key.


Pazuzu is very tall and muscular, littered from head to toe with armor that's mostly red with occasional brown and gray patches.  He has extremely long, waving, icy blue hair.  


Pazuzu held a low regard for humans and saw those daring to challenge demons as both prideful and foolish. He was not above torturing others for information. In his fight with Jeanne, Pazuzu sought to remind her how truly weak humans were, supposedly unaware that Jeanne had been blessed with Michael's divine light. He enjoyed taunting humans, going so far as to do so right before his death.


Pazuzu and Cerberus join Azazel on his mission to locate the person who stole the God Key. They rely on Cerberus's handpuppets to find Amira and locate her on a ship named the "Celephales". Amira is captured along with Kaisar Lidfard.

In need of knowing who is behind the plot to have Amira steal the God Key, Pazuzu repeatedly drugs and whips Amira in order to force the truth out of her. He is unsuccessful and Azazel deduces that not even Amira knows the answer. The flying ship the demons are on, Gregor, gets attacked by the Orleans Knights shortly before it can make it through the portal back to Cocytus.

Pazuzu survives the battle, and later joins Azazel on the latter's assault on King Charioce XIII's castle in order to retrieve Amira once more. Although the mission was easy due to his and Azazel's superior strength compared to the humans, [Azazel noted that Jeanne d'Arc was the only real problem.

Pazuzu offered to act as a distraction and proceeded to attack Jeanne while Azazel went inside the castle to retrieve Amira. Being far stronger, Pazuzu was able to weaken Jeanne until she unleashed her god-given powers and pierced through Pazuzu with her holy weapon Maltet.

Though dying, Pazuzu taunted Jeanne with his last breath, letting her know that the God Key was soon to be in Azazel's hands. Unfortunately for Pazuzu, Jeanne was able to defeat Azazel as well.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Pazuzu is a powerful demon with the power to create and control storms. He is physically strong and sometime uses a chain as a weapon. He can change his size and become many times larger.


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