Rita Zombie design


Doctor Rita

Kanji: リタ
Romaji: Rita
Status: Living Dead
Age: 200+
Gender: Female
Race: Undead
Human (formerly)
Anime Debut: Episode 3

Virgin Soul Episode 1

Seiyuu: Sawashiro Miyuki
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Rita (リタ, Rita) is a seemingly young necromancer, known for being the only surviving citizen of the Nebelville massacre. For two hundred years she revived and lived with the zombified remnants of the town until she was, in the end, bitten by her own parents, driving a bypassing Kaisar Lidfard into killing her out of mercy. After being spared by Kaisar and becoming an undead, she now follow the former knight in his travels.

In Virgin Soul, she works in the capital as a shadowy doctor, accepting any patient whether divine or demonic.


Rita appears to be a child, but is actually much older. She has short black hair and bangs, and usually wears a lopsided hat. She carries a small backpack with her and wields a black umbrella with a skull on the tip. As a human, she wears a light green dress with white bloomers underneath and brown boots. When she becomes a zombie, her skin grows much paler, a scar from a bite remains on her left shoulder, and dark circles appear under her eyes. She also changes her outfit to a black dress and bloomers with a purple pair of boots and hat.

When working as a doctor, she takes off her hat and wears a light robe over her dress. She wears a stethoscope around her neck and a strange magnifying monocle on her head.

When Kaisar invites her to lunch, she changes into a long black skirt and sleeveless shirt with a white long sleeved shirt underneath.


Rita is mysterious and at first appears a bit sinister. However she cares for others, such as her parents. This is shown when she stepped in front of Kaisar's sword to protect her zombie parents. She is also perceptive and is usually the first to notice when something is amiss. Rita is shown to be mature at times, such as when she stops Favaro and Kaisar from fighting and tells them to focus on their immediate goal. At times she gets irritated and calls Kaisar a "brat", bringing up the fact that she is much older and wiser.


200 years ago Rita, the daughter of the village doctor, lived peacfully in the village of Nebelville until the day when the monster invaded the village and killed everyone, leaving her the only one able to survive the massacre. Alone and scared she used the Black Bible, a sorcery book she found somewhere, to revive her parents and the dead villagers and concealed all of them behind an magical mist that makes the zombie look like they are alive.



Kaisar Lidfard: After Kaisar arrives to Nebelville, Rita, who has always felt alone in her town, uses her magic to keep him oblivious to the truth, hoping that he would stay longer. When she is killed by her zombified parents, Kaisar cries over her body. After she awakens as a zombie, he spares her, and she decides to follow him around. In Virgin Soul, it is revealed that Rita and Kaisar have maintained contact in the ten years that passed, and it is strongly implied that Rita has developed feelings for Kaisar, though the knight is oblivious to them, to her dissapointment. Although they've grown closer, their treatment of each other remains the same: Rita has always regarded him with a cold attitude and harsh words, while Kaisar has never hesitated to ramble on about his troubles to her.

Nina Drango: The two girls have become like sisters to each other, talking about topics such as boys and cooking together. Rita has become very protective over Nina, threatening Azazel and even attacking Charioce XVII when she believes they are putting the girl in danger.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

  • Necromancy: While holding the "Black Bible" Rita was able to use the book to stop her growth and resurrect both her family and the other villagers but only as zombies at her command. However once distracted the zombies can and will turn even against her. Later on it is shown that even without the Black Bible, Rita is able to control large numbers of undead using her staff.
  • Infection: Rita is able to turn still living people into zombies through means of bite. This was demonstrated when she bit a pirate captain on the arm.
  • Undead Physical Structure: As a zombie, she can detach body parts such as her arm to punch others, her usual targets being Favaro and Kaisar. The arm can later be reattached. It was also noted by Favaro that she is amazingly lightweight.
  • Complete Sentience: Through unknown means, Rita manages to maintain full sentience, awareness and control over her actions, despite being a zombie herself. Kaisar questioned how was it possible, but his question was left unanswered.


  • After Kaisar's hand was severed by Favaro, she has kept it, zombified it, and named it Rocky. She refers to it has her assistant and refers to Kaisar as it's father.
  • She appears on the cover of the fourth volume of Shingeki no Bahamut: TWIN HEADS, though she has yet to actually appear in the series.


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