Kanji: ゼウス
Romaji: Zeusu
Status: Deceased (Although within Amira's God Key)
Gender: Male
Race: God
Affiliations: Odin
Anime Debut: Episode 1
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Zeus (ゼウス, Zeusu) was the ruler of the gods that with the help of Odin fought against Bahamut. He then alongside Satan sealed Bahamut, with him becoming the God Key and Satan becoming the Demon Key.


Zeus is a man with blonde long hair and a long beard wearing a golden armor.



2,000 years before the series Zeus alongside Odin and Satan met with the mighty Bahamut and fought him at Aboth. He also sacrificed himself via turning into the God Key to seal away the incredibly dangerous Bahamut. He in essence lived on within Amira as she was connected to his God Key.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Zeus was a deity of incredible magnitude. In the fight with Bahamut, Zeus and Satan, with the exception of Odin, were two of the only gods who did not flee from him. Zeus exhibited immense power when unleashing his lightnings upon Bahamut. This was to the point where he with the help of Odin and Satan could stop the beast Bahamut temporarily.

Magic Item Edit

Terror: It's the golden armor that Zeus normally wears .

Spears of Lightning: In battle Zeus uses two little spears of brilliant crackling lightning.


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